CrossFit Terms, Explained

When it comes to CrossFit, the lingo is everything. Here’s your complete guide!

It’s no secret there’s a very specific vernacular in CrossFit classes. Those stumped by all these acronyms, please put your hands in the air! Good news, we have you covered before you even get to the studio. Let this extensive ClassPass glossary be your study guide on your commute, so you can enter the studio like a pro!

The most important CrossFit terms to know

Air Squats: Bodyweight squats.

AMRAP: This is an acronym that stands for “as many reps as possible.” This is usually used as a part of a HIIT circuit, or as a final burnout at the end of your workout.

ATG: This stands for “ass to grass” during air squats. Get as low as you can when you hear this!

Back Squats: This is universal to all strength training, and means weighted squats with the weight across your shoulders with a barbell.

Box: This is CrossFit’s special name that refers to the CrossFit gym itself.

Box Squats: This is a plyometric where you hop up onto a training box and stand into a squat.

CFT: This stands for “CrossFit Total” and adds up your max squat, press and deadlift.

Chin Up: This is a pullup with your hands facing toward your body, and bringing your chin up to the bar.

Chipper: A workout that has a ton of movements and a ton of reps. Basically, you’re chipping away at it! We promise it’s worth it!

Clean (CLN): This refers to the movement of moving your barbell with weight from the ground to racked position.

CTB: This stands for “chest to bar” and refers to the chest to bar pullup, where you bring your chest as close as possible to the bar.

DFL: Dead effing last.

DNF: Did not finish.

Double Unders: This refers to getting two rotations of a jump rope in one hop.

EMOTM: This stands for “every minute on the minute.”

Girl Workout: This isn’t what you’d expect it to mean! This stands for the workouts that are named after women.

Goat: This refers to an exercise or workout you’re not personally good at during class.

Hang Clean: This is a traditional Olympic lift. Your barbell starts by hanging from your hips and end in the front squat position.

Hang Snatch: This is also a traditional Olympic lift. This exercise starts with the barbell hanging at your hips, and then lifted up over your head to a full press position.

Hero WODs: This is the naming structure for workouts that are named after fallen veterans.

HSPU: This stands for “handstand pushups.”

K2E: This stands for “knees to elbows,” and refers to hanging on the pullup bar while bringing your knees to your elbows to work your core.

Kipping: You’ve likely seen this version of pull-ups on YouTube or Instagram! This refers to the technique of using your lower body to give you momentum into a pull-up.

MWOD: Mobility and stretching-focused workout.

Muscle Up: One of the hardest CrossFit exercises! This refers to pullups with the rings, and a ring dip to finish.

Overhead Squat: This is a regular squat with the barbell pressed above your head for the duration of the rep.

PB: Personal best.

Pistol: This is a one-legged squat.

Push Jerk: This refers to the exercise of holding the barbell in the rack position, squatting and then pressing the bar overhead.

Rack Position: This refers to the position where the barbell rests on your chest and collarbones.

Renegade Row: From a pushup position clasping free weights, alternate rows with each weight.

RM: This stands for “repetition maximum,” and refers to the maximum you can lift for amount of reps assigned.

Thrusters: Hold barbell in rack position, drop down into a squat position with barbell in rack position, return to standing position in exploding motion, pushing the barbell over your head.

TTB: This stands for “toes to bar” and refers to a scaled version of the knees to elbows crunch while hanging from the pullup bar.

TNG: This stands for “touch and go” and means completing reps without pausing in between.

Unbroken: Do all workouts back to back, or start back at the top once done with one set.

Wall Balls: Imagine this like a squat, except you toss your medicine ball up to hit the highest spot on the wall that you can. Catch the ball and repeat.

WOD: The classic term for CrossFit’s “workout of the day.”

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