Summer Nail Ideas to Inspire Your Next Manicure

There’s nothing like opening Instagram during the first few weeks of summer and being inundated with beautiful, unique manicure designs. Whether it’s the girl from the apartment next door or your favorite nail artist at the local salon, it seems like everyone has a great new idea.

It can be hard to find new inspiration. Great sources include: Instagram, Pinterest and Tik Tok, as well as taking inspiration from the world around you. Try basing your next manicure on natural elements in your yard, or the latest Prada collection.

Summer nail design ideas

But if you want to skip all that, read this latest blog post where we dive deep into different nail ideas before your next manicure. These nail ideas focus on bright pops of color, bringing to mind the vibrant colors of this beautiful, sunny season.

Bright blue nails

This nail design interplays nude and a beautiful blue shade in different stripes and solid patterns to create a simple yet unique look. To get a similar design, simply pick a bright color and ask your nail technician to vary straight lines with fully coated nails.

Seventies inspired french tip

French tip manicures are all of the rage at the moment, and this 70’s twist brings a fresh new feel to the trend. This french manicure takes the wavy vibes of the 70’s and combines them with this classic manicure style.

Rainbow french tip manicure

Another fun spin on the french manicure trend is to change out the color on each fingernail. Who needs a boring white strip when you could have the full rainbow on your hand?

Pro tip: make sure that you pick complementary colors. It’s easy to pick colors that clash and ruin the overall look. Stick with different shades of one color, or from within the same color family if you can.

White floral design on nude nails

Sometimes a simple design can elevate a basic nude manicure and give it a special twist. This nail artist completed a simple white daisy-like design over a nude base on acrylic nails. This gave the simple manicure a fun and summer-twist.

Pink and red alternating manicure

But sometimes you can skip complicated nail art all together and go with a simple, yet jaw dropping route like the one shown above. Who knew that two similar colors painted in a unique pattern would create such a fun design? I certainly didn’t think of this!

This could easily be applied to any color range. Speak with your nail technician and try out blues, greens or even yellows.

A neon manicure moment

Interested in a neon manicure but overwhelmed by the thought? Same. ✋ This manicure plays on the neon colors of summer by pairing it with a lighter shade, successfully taking it down a notch. Add in a spicy zig zag and we are here for it.

Neutral pattern manicure

Another great amped up neutral manicure is to add in simple shapes with black paint. Ask your nail technician to add in extra time for painting a pattern and then shower this photo, because who could resist?

Yellow and white manicure with black decals

Now this is a beautiful manicure. It takes a beautiful yellow shade and pairs it with blank white, topped with a beautiful black design of different plants. This is more of an advanced design, so make sure that you’re working with an advanced nail technician before booking this design.

Try these summer manicure ideas

Pull up this list the next time you’re rocking up to an appointment, and make sure to tag us when you share the results on Instagram.

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