From AM to PM: Your Guide to Early and Late Workouts

Are you in the office by 9am on the dot every morning? Are you stuck at your desk until after the sun has set? We’ve got recommendations for the best early morning and late night workouts, and how each of these options can benefit you!

How to start working out early in the morning

Studies tell us that extra sleep can lead to healthier, leaner, and happier people. With this data it may be easy to convince yourself that hitting snooze right through your morning gym time is just as good for you as getting out of bed for a quick workout.  So is it really better to sleep in or wake up and sweat it out?

The benefits of an early morning workout: 

Exercising increases mental acuity.  You can only take full advantage of this benefit if you still have hours left in your day to harness that extra brain power. There are also no excuses! Plans can change during the day, interfering with evening workouts, but at 6am in the morning there is no happy hour standing in the way of class. 

Couldn’t squeeze in one of the above morning workouts? Not out of work until 8PM? We’ve still got class options for you– your body will thank you for it!

How to start working out in the evening

A long day in the office can be stressful and the last thing you want to do is bring that stress to bed with you. Working out boosts your endorphins which relieves stress before falling asleep. Some studies show that working out late at night can make it harder to sleep.  However, what these studies do not mention is that working out before bed still leads to a better sleep than not working at all, so if evening is your only time to hit the gym don’t use this as an excuse!

Have you ever finished a yoga class and immediately wanted to take a nap? Yoga classes are the best evening classes to take as they help stretch out those muscles that have been cramped at a desk all day and relax your mind before getting in bed. 

Whether you love sweating in the early morning or late evening there’s a class for you on ClassPass. 

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