Easy Hand Pressure Points Guide

Many of us walk around with headaches, nausea, or allergies plaguing us for most of the day. While it’s normal to have feelings that keep you under the weather, that doesn’t mean that you have to live with the pain. There’s one quick and easy way to relieve many aches and pains: using hand pressure points. Applying pressure to different points in your body can have a beneficial effect to your overall well being.

Hand pressure points to try

Try utilizing five pressure points on your hand today:

  • Small intestine 3
  • Lesser place
  • Yao tong xue
  • Joining valley
  • Fish border

Lesser Place

Need something to battle winter blahs? This point helps battle fear, sadness, worry, agitation and anxiety. The lesser place pressure point is located on the bottom outside of your palm, on the opposite side of your thumb.

Fish Border

Feeling less than 100%? This point helps with headaches or throat pain. The fish border pressure point is located on the edge of your thumb ride, just on the outside of your hand.

Small Intestine

Give yourself some r&r while hitting this point. This helps with stiffness, back pain, occipital headaches, red eyes and hand pain relief. The small intestine point is located on the outside of your hand, right next to the pinky finger joint.

Joining Valley

This point does it all! Applying pressure helps with sinusitis, nose bleeds, sore throats, toothaches, allergies and more. You can find the joining valley point on the back of your hand, between your thumb and pointer finger.

Yao Tong Xue

This is actually two points on the back of the hand! Applying pressure to these spots will alleviate lower back pain, spasms and stiffness.

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