How to Get Started in Dance as an Adult

Who ever said adults can’t enjoy a dancing class?

More and more adults are rediscovering their passion for dance or trying out dance classes for the very first time.

Curious about why you should try out an adult dance class? Read on to find out why.

Types of dance classes suitable for adults

There are a lot of different types of dance classes for adults to enjoy including ballet, hip-hop, contemporary, latin and ballroom.


Ballet is a very traditional form of dance that focuses on form and posture.

While professional ballerinas may look intimidatingly impressive on the stage, there are plenty of beginner ballet classes that can show you the basics while working out your entire body.

You may need ballet shoes to participate due to safety reasons, so it is worthwhile checking this with the dance studio beforehand.


If you’re ready to move your body, a hip-hop class might be the perfect style of dance for you!

Hip-hop classes often teach you a sequence of steps in time with an iconic tune. They encourage high-tempo movement to really work up a sweat.


Contemporary dance is an expressive style of dance which has grown increasingly popular in recent years.

These classes typically encourage you to channel your creativity and emotions through your body to move in such a way as to convey how you feel.


Latin dances can be enjoyed solo or with a partner and they bring passion and energy into every movement.

It might look complicated initially but there are plenty of beginner classes to learn the essential steps in.


If you’re looking to dance with a partner, why not check out ballroom dancing?

There are many styles of dance included under ballroom dancing from the classic waltz to the sensual rumba number.

You also don’t need to be dressed in a fancy gown to take part!

The benefits of adult dancing

Adult dance classes have many benefits, these are just a few:

Fun workout while you dance your heart out

Exercise doesn’t have to feel like a chore! Finding a form of exercise that brings you joy will not only make working out fun but you’ll be more likely to stick at it.

Improves posture

Have you ever seen a ballerina slouch? Not likely!

Many of us spend most of our days staring at a screen and we forget to stretch out. Dance teaches you to be aware of all parts of your body to stand upright and lengthen your spine. This will help improve your everyday posture and prevent back pain.

Strengthens your lower body

Dance is a full-body workout but it specifically targets your lower body for strong thighs, glutes and calves.

If you’d like to tone and strengthen your legs, consistent adult dance classes might be the perfect exercise for you.

Increases core strength

Dancers don’t just have strong legs, they also have strong abdominal muscles.

If you suffer from back pain, try out a dance class as a strong core is essential for protecting your back.

Increases flexibility

As we age, we typically become less flexible and mobile.

Dance encourages elongation in the entire body. Each pulse, twist and bend stretches the body to increase flexibility.

Improves balance

Increased core strength and full body alignment help improve balance overall.

If you’d like to feel stronger on your feet, dance can help you gain more confidence and balance in your life.

Reduces chance of injury

By building dynamic strength across all muscle groups through dance, you’ll start to feel stronger all of the time, not just when you’re exercising. This can help prevent everyday injuries that can occur.

Strengthens bones too

Dance isn’t just good for your muscles, it can also strengthen your bones!

The risk of osteoporosis can be massively reduced by partaking in regular dance classes.

Reduced stress and improved mood

Life is busy and it is easy to get caught up in the grind and forget to release the tension in your body and mind. Dance allows you to refocus and let the stress from your day go.

Exercising will also release endorphins to improve your mood and help you feel brighter.

Improved self-esteem

Learning dance is a new skill! Setting yourself a dance challenge is empowering and allows you to activate your mind and body to feel good. 

Meet new people

If you’ve recently moved to a new city or are looking to expand your friendship circle, adult dance classes are a great place to meet new, like-minded people.

How to get started with dance classes

Getting started with an adult class has never been easier!

Search for dance classes near you on the ClassPass app and book a class today.

Alternatively, searching online or checking out your local community board is also a good way to find out what classes are running in your area.

What to wear to dance class

The type of adult dance class you attend may require certain shoes or outfits to participate fully and safely.

However, most beginner classes will welcome you as you are or explicitly state on their website the equipment you require to join. If in doubt, it is always a good idea to contact the dance studio – they might even have a dance kit for you to rent or borrow.

If you’re unsure where to begin when planning your look, treat a dance class like any other fitness class. Aim to wear comfortable sneakers, clothing that you can move freely in without restriction, and a supportive sports bra.

Summary of Adult Dance Classes

Adult dance classes are a fun way to let loose while getting in a great full-body workout.

Not only will you leave feeling stronger and happier, but you’ll learn a new skill too!

If you’re new to adult dance, find a beginner class to get started. Check out dance studios near you on the ClassPass app.

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