Perfecting Your Kettlebell Swing with EVF Performance


We LOVE kettlebells– and you should too! These cannonball-like weights are a super effective workout tool… But swinging them around can be a little intimidating.

Kettlebell pro and EVF Performance instructor Travis Hanson shows us how to execute the perfect kettlebell swing with ease.



1.) Stand in an athletic position with the feet shoulder width apart facing forward. From here reach down and pick up the kettlebell– this is your starting position.  From the starting position reach back with your hips and hamstrings while still keeping your chest up and core engaged.

evf performance kettlebell swing

2.) For the driving movement, stand up hard and let your legs do the work. Gradually bring the swing up to eye level. Your shoulders and back should be engaged.

Note that you are NOT pulling with your arms. Instead, focus on driving the motion with your hamstrings and glutes. Drive up hard and allow the kettlebell to come up to shoulder height. Then, the kettlebell should float back down into the launch position.   

EVF Performance kettlebell swing

Visit EVF Performance on the Upper East Side and Columbus Circle and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and instagram for more kettlebell fun. Not a member of ClassPass? Request an invite! 



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