6 Tips To Find Love in Class (Hey, It Could Happen!)

When you wake up at the crack of dawn and head to your spinning class in sweatpants you’ve had since high school, the last thing on your mind is if the cutie in the front is single. 

Or is it?

People who make a commitment to fitness are naturally happier, balanced and well, in better shape than those who lounge on the couch with Oreos. So if you happen to meet a possible partner in class, you can bet he or she will at least have one thing in common with you – they love to taking classes! While the main objective of your daily workout shouldn’t be to find the love of your life, keeping your eyes – and yes, your heart – open might land you at least a smoothie date post-class. 

Check out the best tips from relationship experts for snagging that hottie in class: 

You’re in pain… but smile!












On the tenth burpee you’re probably not a happy camper with a big, eager smile on your face, and that’s fine – but when you’re cooling off or in between sets, making a little eye contact and dropping a (sweaty) smile isn’t a bad idea. Dating expert Laurel House says, “Exercise is fun! Remember that! And show it on your face. Revel in the adrenaline surge that is amping up your energy and enlivening your senses. Change your mind and your face, and therefore attractiveness will follow!”


Location, location, location











It’s always a good idea to arrive early to class and get your fave spot, but an added benefit is being able to scope out the scene. If you see a cutie, sit next to them! Online dating expert and author, Laurie Davis says, “Proximity reigns when you’re trying to strike up a conversation. Starting a convo can be as simple as saying ‘hi’ to your neighbor before the teacher arrives.” 



Own the sweaty life











Someone who cares about staying in shape is an alluring quality all on its own – and someone who works so hard in class that they get sweaty? That’s just sexy. “Sweating ups your pheromones release, which is what naturally attracts others,” House says. “Stop thinking ‘I don’t sweat, I glisten’ and instead, be proud of a good sweat session!”



Don’t run away











Your instinct might be to dash for the showers or to touch-up before flirting, but Davis says staying put can work in your favor. “Post-workout, take a few sips of water and hang nearby,” she says. “The class itself is an easy discussion point, so join the crowd or catch someone’e eye.” 


Go for an upgrade











 No, you don’t have to throw out your most comfortable sweatshirt ever -but you don’t have to wear it to every fitness class you take. (Especially the one where you keep seeing a cute guy!) “Invest in yourself and feel confident as you up your ante in class,” House says. (Here are some of our favorite fitness fashion trends!)


Keep your expectations in check












So, it might not be love-at-first-sweat and he or she might not ask for your number the first time you chat. But just like building strength, building a connection can take time and patience. “Ask what other classes he or she joins,” Davis says. “Talking about your favorites can easily lead you into spending more time together…during and after class!”

Have you found a date by taking a class? We want to feature you on the blog! Email us at [email protected]

Lindsay Tigar is the editorial director for ClassPass. She’d love for you to get in touch: follow her on Twitter or email her at [email protected]


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