Spin Cycling ClassPass 101

Spin 101

Spin Cycling ClassPass 101

Whether you’re a first timer or cycling enthusiast, indoor cycling classes can be a little intimidating. Behind the spandex, dim lights, pounding music and copious amount of sweat is a class that feels more like a party than a workout. Fear not, in no time you’ll be swept away by the infectious energy of the class!

Ready to hit the saddle? Here’s what you need to know: 

What Do I Need?

  • On your feet: Check out the website of the studio you are going to to find out if they require cycling shoes. Some studios have bikes with pedals that attach to your sneaker whereas other studios have pedals that are only compatible with cycling shoes. If you don’t have cycling shoes no worries– they will be available for rent at the studio. 
  • Hydration: Water is a must during a cycling class! You’ll want to have a water bottle on your bike with you
  • Clothing: Wear form-fitting clothes, preferably sweat wicking, trust me you’ll need it! 

Once You’re There:

  • Let the teacher or another staff member know you’re new. This way they can tell you anything you need to know about the class and help you set up
  • Get help setting up your bike. Having your bike at the right height can make a huge difference to your ride– and your own safety! Don’t be afraid to ask for help setting up your bike.
  • Clipping in. Wearing cycling shoes for the first time can be tricky. Get help clipping in and also have someone show you how to clip out. If you can’t unclip at the end of class don’t fret, just unvelcro your shoes and leave them on the bike.
  • Resistance: One of the great things about indoor cycling classes is you can control the resistance on the bike and how hard you work. You should always have a little bit of resistance on at all times to protect your knees. It should be enough to feel like your “tires are on the ground”.
  • Check out a few studios and instructors. Every cycling studio has a different philosophy and each teacher will have a different style. Try out a few studios and instructors to see which meshes well with you! 

Ready to get in the saddle? Check out these studios on ClassPass.

  • Simply Cycle Astoria (New York)- This new studio is one of the first to bring the cycling craze to Astoria. This small studio will give you lots of personal attention to perfect your cycling form!
  • Studio 360 (New York)- This Murray Hill studio offers great combination classes for those who are indecisive. For cardio + a stretch try the Signature Series class, part cycling, part yoga! 
  • Velo-City (Boston)- Great for first timers with a friendly staff and helpful instructors. Get ready to feel like you’re at a dance club with the black lights and fun music.
  • Pursuit Boston (Boston)- Feels like your neighborhood studio thanks to the friendly staff and how welcoming it is to beginners. For a unique class check out Circuit Power for a bootcamp meets spin experience. 
  • Flywheel (Boston)- Caters to the competitive cyclist with a scoreboard ranking the top bikes by resistance and speed. Online you can track your progress from class to class. 

Not a ClassPass member? Request an invite today. 

Contributed by Jana Ross. Jana is a healthy living blogger, runner, and nutrition nut based in Boston. Connect with her on TwitterFacebook, and Pinterest.

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