Hat vs. Headband


If you’re going for an outdoor run or commuting to class in the cold, which option is better at keeping you warm and dry?

Hats off to all you hearty runners who brave the cold in the middle of January. You know exactly what leggings, long sleeves and gloves will keep your body protected from the elements. But have you ever considered whether the hat or headband that’s covering your ears is best for the top of your head?


Because a hat covers the top of your head, it traps more heat than a headband and keeps your core warmer. If you’re running in the morning, when the temps are especially low, stick to one of these full-coverage options:


A headband will keep your ears and forehead toasty while leaving your scalp free to breathe. If you run when the sun is out, or if you tend to get warmer while running, choose a headband. One of these picks could be your perfect fit:

The winner

If you’re still stumped on which option comes out on top, remember these guidelines: If the temperature is above freezing, wear a headband. If it’s below freezing, grab a hat.

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