The Biggest Tabata Benefits

Taba-whaa? If you’ve ever scrolled through your ClassPass app and wondered what exactly a Tabata workout entails, you’re not alone! Additionally, if you think you’ve got its principles down, there might be a few things left to learn when it comes to mastery. Tabata workouts are some of the most effective ways to sweat and challenge your physical fitness limits. Let this article be your guide during your next class or your motivation to book your first!

Tabata benefits

There are many benefits to incorporating a tabata workout into your weekly routine. The primary benefits include increased muscle retention, increased endurance and a boosted metabolism.

Muscle retention

If you’re worried you’ll lose muscle mass due to cardiovascular workouts, this workout is perfect for you. You’ll get the benefits of cardio training, but due to the increased muscle stress levels in these classes, you’ll also keep your muscular strength. You might even feel stronger as a result!


You will build your aerobic and anaerobic threshold during Tabata workouts, making it easier to push yourself in other workouts like long runs or sprint sets. Since you’re focusing on working at an elevated heart rate during these short intervals, your body will be able to adapt to a higher level of work after around six weeks of consistent classes. You’ll also notice an improvement in your VO2 max during rest periods and the shorter time it takes you to reach a full recovery.

Improved metabolism

Since you’re working at a more intense level, you can burn up to 15 or more calories per minute. How’s that for efficiency? Swap out one of your regular forms of cardio for a Tabata class and watch your body fat percentage improve.

Your metabolism level is something you CAN change! HIIT training can increase your metabolic levels up to 20 times the average rate. If you’re worried your genetics aren’t in your favor to improve, that’s false. There’s always room for improvement no matter your body type or current physical fitness level.

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