The Best Ab Exercises You Can Do to Actually See Results

Is your core the focus of your current fitness goals? If so, there are a few moves that will help you see results quicker — but they aren’t what you’d think. While classic crunches and sit-ups have their value, they’re often not the best method for seeing results and staying healthy. Just like our technology improves, so does the way we move our bodies and get stronger!

The best exercises to do for your abs

Add these four exercises to your next gym sesh and start feeling and seeing results in a fraction of the time.

Up-Down Plank Jack

Full-body core exercises are among the best core exercises to keep yourself free of injuries. Classic crunches and sit-ups can strain your hip flexors and lower back due to the limited range of movement. The up-down plank jack allows you to focus on the section of your abs that helps you stand taller and keep your core engaged while walking. It also adds a punch of cardio, which will help you burn more fat at the same time, adding extra credit to your results! From a plank position on your elbows, hop your feet in and out, then press up to a full plank and back down. Repeat for 4 to 5 one-minute sets!

Medicine Ball Wall Slams

This exercise also adds a burst of cardio, helping you see results quicker than a classic bicycle crunch! This exercise is standing, making it a great option for anyone who has sensitive hip flexors. You can focus on building your core muscles before improving your regular sit-up/crunch form. From a shoulder width stance, hold the ball in front of you, engaging your core muscles. Turn 45 degrees, then toss the ball back at the wall in front of your center. Repeat 10 times on each side for 4 to 5 sets!

Pike With A Stability Ball

Stability balls are excellent for working every single muscle in your core due to having less balance! The more you work your core stabilizers, the taller you’ll stand, making your results visible more quickly as a result. Starting behind the ball, place your hips face down on it, and walk your hands out until you’re comfortable. For an easier modification, start with your upper shins on the ball instead of your ankles. Draw your hips upward, keeping your weight in your shoulders, slowly moving up and down to a regular plank position. Start out with 5 sets of 5 slow pikes for a killer core challenge!

Rolling Plank

This is another challenging full-body core focused exercise that yields major results. You’ll work every muscle in your core through its full range of motion, making it a great option to squeeze into a short workout session! Starting from an elbow plank, rotate onto one side, back through the original plank, and over to the other side. For an added challenge, add a hip dip at the top of your side plank!

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