7 Day Workout Plan

This workout routine was designed for beginners and fitness enthusiasts alike! There is a lot of depth and breadth in this program, so whether you’re just looking for ideas or for a structured plan, we have your back. This 7-day workout routine is very helpful for people who are just getting started with cardio training and want to get fit or look good in a short amount of time.

This article will cover two different options for a 7-day workout routine. Implementing a fitness routine into your life will have many positive benefits including increased health and reduced stress. In addition to increasing your physical activity, make sure that you are eating enough, drinking water and managing stress levels.

7 Day Workout Plan Ideas

7-day workout routine can be hard on your body, so make sure that you are prioritizing rest and recovery. These workout routines are designed to maximize physical movement, but minimize your chance of injuring yourself due to over training.

Day one: Strength training

Strength training is a foundational part of any workout routine. Strength training is the action of working with resistance—moving an object like a kettlebell, a resistance band, your own bodyweight, a dumbbell— which creates tiny tears in your muscles. In the hours and days following a workout, your body regenerates and repairs these tears. The muscle becomes stronger and can more easily move that same weight again the next time you repeat the movement.

If you have muscles, strength training will be beneficial for your body. Strength training is tremendously flexible in that it can be scaled to meet you where you are. It’s designed to be relative to your own size and power, which is why you’ll see trainers offer different weight options in a class. To achieve the same thing, a 220-pound guy is going to require something heavier—relative to his own bodyweight—than a 130-pound woman.

Day two: HIIT class

High intensity interval training (HIIT) is a form of cardio exercise where you are pushing yourself to your max. It’s a very efficient form of cardio training that will increase your cardio and strength abilities. You will typically go through multiple circuits and exercises in each class. This is a cardio day, so make sure to drink plenty of water and fuel yourself throughout the rest of the day.

Day three: Yoga

Yoga is an ancient meditative and movement practice that has evolved into one of the most popular workouts worldwide. Yoga classes may vary in style and intensity, but most will focus on movement that will stretch and strengthen all of your muscles. Each class will incorporate traditional abdominal work, asana (postures) and breath work – all with an emphasis on developing the power that lies at the core center of the body.

Day four: Strength training

And we’re back with another strength training day. The CDC recommends that adults implement at least two strength training sessions per week. The CDC recommends that you complete “Muscle-strengthening activities on 2 or more days a week that work all major muscle groups (legs, hips, back, abdomen, chest, shoulders, and arms).”

Day five: Long walk

Take it easy, but keep it active, by having an active rest day. Walking is a great way to stay active and get in a light workout without risking injury or spending hours and hours completing cardio. Something simple like a 30-minute walk with a friend will check the box on this day.

Day six: Boxing class

If you’ve read about all of the fitness benefits of boxing, but feel too intimidated to give it a try, don’t. People of all ages and fitness levels take boxing classes. Typically, there is a mix of men and women who are all there to get an effective workout — and maybe relieve a little stress. In most studios, boxing classes focus on fitness, not fighting. You’ll find the environment supportive and welcoming to newcomers. The best way to overcome any hesitation about starting boxing is to know what you’re in for.

Day seven: Yoga

The week will round out with the second yoga class of the week. This stretching, flexibility and mobility work will help reduce soreness and increase muscle elasticity.

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