The Ways Working Out Can Make You Better in Bed

Working out makes things hotter—in more ways than one.

Endorphins, health, confidence—the incredible benefits of exercising are endless. Besides being fun (sometimes),  it helps you relieve stress, try new things and become an overall happier person.

But we’re not kidding when we say working out benefits all aspects of your life, including the love department! We chatted with sex experts to learn exactly how working out can make your sex life hotter, longer and better. So grab your partner and read up on these tips.

Helps you last longer

Sex can be heart-racing in more ways than one, but feeling out of shape (and breath) isn’t exactly a great feeling when you’re trying to be sexy in bed. Working out already increases your endurance when running and stamina when climbing those stairs, but it can help you last longer in bed, too. If you want to worry less about wearing yourself out, try focusing more on cardio exercises. Simply put, a stronger body that is used to cardio can handle more activity and, therefore, won’t get tired out as easily. Meaning you two can keep going all night long.

Becomes more adventurous

So you want to try a little, er, more in bed? Not a problem, unless you’re muscles are feeling tight and your legs just won’t bend that way. You can’t exactly try new positions if your body won’t physically let you, but don’t give up just yet. Sex expert Dr. Nikki Martinez says to “focus on muscle building and flexibility to help you do whatever either of you wants to try without issue.” Exercises that help you stretch and warm up the muscles can increase flexibility and make it that much easier to go that extra mile with your partner.

Connects you to your partner

Believe it or not, exercise can be an intimate setting. You’re sweaty, vulnerable and, let’s face it, not very composed. Letting a partner in on that experience can do wonders for your relationship in and outside of the bedroom. You’ll both get to see a side of each other that you may never have witnessed before, but we promise, it’ll only bring you closer together. Find a form of physical activity that you both enjoy and try doing it together. It’ll help build your relationship and make sex a much more intimate, emotional experience. Plus, who doesn’t need another date night idea?

Increases your confidence

Feeling sexy shouldn’t just be limited to the bedroom. When you’re feeling your hottest self, others see that you are, too, and exercise can help you achieve that anywhere. Whether you’re shaking your booty in dance class or twisting your limbs in ways you never knew you could in yoga, find what moves help you feel your sexiest. Striking a pose in classes like dance or pole help you channel the inner goddess that you are not only in class, but later that night, too. And when you’re feeling sexy, your partner won’t need any convincing either.

Makes it hotter

Don’t forget: sex is exercise. If we want to keep it feeling good for both ourselves and our partner, the muscles we need for it should be worked and toned. Exercises that work to strengthen the pelvic muscle, like kegels, are definitely key. But you don’t have to limit yourself to just that. Sex expert Laurel House says, “Core exercises like Pilates, sit-ups and strength training effectively strengthens and stimulates the pelvic muscles, helping to heat things up and even intensify an orgasm.” Keep up those workouts and you’ll not only be more toned, you’ll also improve your sex life. Now all those bridges make sense, huh?

Helps keep your hormones in check

There’s a reason we always feel good after a workout: endorphins. Exercise helps release these “happy” hormones, giving you a natural high and feel-good vibes. And when you’re in a good mood, your body is too—meaning you’re helping rev up your sex drive. Do you and your partner both need a little boost? Try taking a class together. You both will release endorphins and naturally will associate these happy feelings with each other. What better way to bond in bed than already feeling like your partner helped you feel good?

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