5 Common Misconceptions About Gyrotonics

Gyrotonics definitely has an intimidating ring to it, but don’t let the first glance fool you! It’s packed with important exercises and benefits for athletes of any level. You’ve likely heard it as a buzzword on the internet, alongside a lot of speculation. Ready to debunk the biggest misconceptions out there? Keep reading.

This is just another new trend.

A little true, but also a little false! We’ll explain: While gyrotonics is being dubbed the next big thing on the workout front according to online media, it’s not new. Gyrotonics has actually been around for years, and it’s been a proven workout for dancers, swimmers and gymnasts. It allows for greater range of motion in exercises, which can help build strong joints and their respective muscle groups.

You should try Pilates first to prepare.

Not the case! Gyrotonics, like any workout, is safe for beginners too. Just like Pilates, classes are small to allow for proper instruction and supervision. Both forms of exercise are great, and one doesn’t necessarily need to come before the other. If it’s your first class on an apparatus, head to class a few minutes earlier to meet your instructor. We love meeting you and giving you a quick tour of what to expect — it’s important you feel safe and totally pumped!

It’s harder on your joints than a reformer.

This is tricky, and can be easily assumed by looking at the equipment. However, it’s definitely false. Here’s why: Gyrotonics exercises actually do quite the opposite. They take the pressure off your joints and help build more mobility within them. Additionally, if you spend long hours behind a desk, it’s an excellent way to undo the damage from sitting all day. Here’s how: It helps build strength in your spine and the exercises even help you achieve better posture!

Not so bad, right? If gyrontonics is new to you, try swapping it with your favorite Pilates class — you’ll see new and major improvements in your other workouts.

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