Should You Get a Brazilian Blowout?

Mornings are full of a lot of tasks. Sweaty workouts, picking an outfit, wrangling shoes on kids, throwing together a breakfast, getting presentable for the day… but one of the most time-consuming tasks for many is taming a bedhead or freshly-showered hair into a sleek and bouncy look. Sometimes, you’re happy with your hair (after 45 minutes). Other times, you spend your morning teasing, curling and round-brushing for a less-than-ideal result. 

Can you imagine a world where you can cut out most of that prep time for hair that looks perfect every day? A Brazilian blowout can help you reach that dream. This semi-permanent hair treatment will ensure you have voluminous, shiny hair after a quick blow dry or even hair dry. With all that extra time in your morning routine, you could have an extra cup of tea, fit in a quick yoga session or hit the snooze button a few more times. 

There is a lot to understand about Brazilian blowouts before you book your appointment – so let’s dive into this popular hair treatment! 

What is a Brazilian Blowout?

This Brazil-originated keratin treatment is a liquid formula treatment that chemically smooths, de-frizzes and shines hair. This process is why some people look like they just walked out of the salon with an expert blowout (even if it has been several days since the treatment).

Brazilian blowouts usually follows this process, which takes about an hour and a half to complete:

  • An expert hair stylist will apply the keratin formula to your hair, from roots to tips. 
  • Once the product is evenly distributed, the stylist will blow-dry and straighten your hair. This heat activates the keratin formula and creates a long-lasting seal on each strand. Those who prefer to keep their hair curly can skip the straightening process. 
  • Your hair will then be thoroughly rinsed and washed with sulfate-free shampoo and a deep conditioner. 
  • Your hair will be dried one last time with a standard blow dryer for straight and wavy hair or a diffuser or air dry for curly locks. 

The result is a shiny, smooth new look that always has that post-salon glow! 

What Does a Brazilian Blowout Do To Your Hair?

A Brazilian blowout acts as a strong shield for your hair. The keratin formula bonds and creates a seal around every strand to minimize frizz and protect your hair from external damage. 

Hot bonus: Brazilian blowouts are safe to use on colored hair, and the keratin treatment’s protective seal can help keep your hair color vibrant and fresh for longer!

Do Brazilian Blowouts Work On All Hair Types?

Brazilian blowouts are universal and can provide vivacious results for coarse, fine, straight and curly strands. However, due to the high heat needed for the treatment, textured hair may have a higher chance of damage from a Brazilian blowout. So, if you have any apprehensions, talk to a hair expert before booking your appointment.

How Long Does a Brazilian Blowout Last?

A Brazilian blowout has surprisingly long-lasting results of up to three months. Although, this timeline is significantly dependent on how you treat your hair, from avoiding sulfates to minimizing hair washes. 

For many, this is the amount of time they like to go in-between trims! So you can line up your Brazilian blowouts with your haircuts and get all of the hair zhuzhing you need in one treatment. 

Will Hair Be Curly After a Brazilian Blowout?

Brazilian blowouts are only semi-permanent, so once the effects of the treatment wear off, your hair will return to its natural state. 

Do Brazilian Blowouts Damage Your Hair? 

Let’s be completely frank here – many of our favorite things to do to our hair can damage it. For example, hair dye, bleaching, curlers, straighteners, and chemicals can damage hair, especially when not performed responsibly. 

While most people are thrilled with their Brazilian blowout experience and results, some have reported scalp irritation or allergic reactions from the high heat and keratin formula. If you have any hesitations about trying a Brazilian blowout, schedule a consultation with your expert hair stylist to discuss whether it’s a good option for your specific hair.  

How Much is a Brazilian Blowout?

The cost of a Brazilian blowout has a significant range, with the cheaper end of the spectrum at $75 and the pricier end being closer to $325. Remember that you get what you pay for – a higher-quality treatment tends to have better results, lasts longer and minimizes damage to the hair shaft. 

Brazilian Blowout vs. Keratin – Which is Better?

Brazilian blowouts are a specific type of Keratin treatment. While all Keratin treatments have a similar end product of softer, shinier, less frizzy hair, Brazilian blowouts tend to have more flexibility with hair care. 

  • With a Brazilian Blowout, you can wash your hair sooner after the treatment than with other Keratin treatments. You can wash your hair after two to three days with a Brazilian blowout, while other keratin treatments require between four and seven days. 
  • You can also wear your favorite updos, like messy buns and ponytails, without risking adding kinks to your luscious locks. Other keratin treatments? Not so much.
  • Brazilian blowouts are also more welcoming of different hair types. Since it is a smoothing treatment (not a straightening treatment), you can enjoy all the shiny, frizzless bouncy hair with straight, wavy and curly hair. 

What is The Best Brazilian Blowout Care?

Luckily with Brazilian blowouts, the treatment is much more flexible and casual than other keratin treatments. Once you have your appointment, experts recommend you wait three days before washing your hair to lock in the benefits of the treatment. After three days, you can wash, style, and live your life as usual! 

For the best, long-lasting results:

  • Minimize your hair washing.
  • Avoid shampoos and hair products with sulfates or harsh chemicals.
  • Try to avoid heat, but if necessary, touch up with a blow dryer or straightener without hairspray. 
  • Minimize direct sun exposure to your hair.
  • A silk pillowcase is a great tool to keep your hair smooth and undamaged while you sleep.

Is a Brazilian Blowout Worth It?

A Brazilian blowout may be your key to stress-free hair care if you want an easy-as-pie hair routine that still leads to bouncy, flirty, glowy tresses. While you may have to change your daily routine to maximize the results and longevity of your blowout, it is an incredibly flexible and universal keratin treatment. 

If you’re tired of dealing with dull and frizzy hair, willing to increase your hair care budget and open to following some daily best practices, a Brazilian blowout can be well worth the effort. 

Ready for your good hair day to last for months? Check out all of the amazing stylists specializing in Brazilian blowouts in your area! You can find it all on ClassPass. 

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