Acupuncture For Anxiety and Stress

Life can be hectic and many of us will experience stress or anxiety at some point in our busy lives. If left unchecked, anxiety and stress can wreak havoc on our physical and mental wellbeing.

If you’re looking for a safe and non-medication treatment, check out how acupuncture could help free you from the burden of anxiety and stress.

The science behind the stress relieving aspects of acupuncture

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medicine that aims to rebalance Qi in the body. When you are experiencing stress or anxiety, the flow of Qi is disrupted.

Acupuncture works by stimulating the nerves and muscles in the body with fine needles to release pain-relieving endorphins. This process restores the flow of Qi and therefore reduces stress and anxiety symptoms.

Although you can experience relief after just one session, research studies have found that repeated exposure to acupuncture treatment typically improves long-term results.

Find an acupuncture therapist in your area to get started.

How acupuncture can help with stress

There are many benefits of acupuncture to help reduce stress in your body and mind, here are just a few:

  • Taking time for self-care can help alleviate stress – When we feel stressed, we can often forget to prioritize self-care. Booking an acupuncture treatment is a great way to pause your busy schedule to focus on your mental health. You’ll leave with a clearer mind to tackle whatever challenges you’re facing.
  • Activating endorphins for a happy buzz – Stress can make us unhappy! Acupuncture stimulates the central nervous system which releases endorphins that make us feel good, brighter and less stressed.
  • Loosen tight muscles – Feeling stressed at work? Hunching over a computer screen can cause your muscles to painfully tighten. Acupuncture helps release the tension from your muscles to help you feel more relaxed, as well as increasing motion and reducing pain.

How acupuncture can help with anxiety

Studies have shown that acupuncture can help reduce feelings of anxiousness. Here are three ways how:

  • Low-risk and medication free – If you’re struggling with anxiety, you may want to explore non-medicated treatment options. Acupuncture is typically a very safe therapy and most people don’t experience any side effects. Therefore, there’s little risk to trying it out to see if it can improve your anxiety.
  • Relieves chronic pain – Chronic pain sufferers are more likely to experience anxiety. Acupuncture studies have shown that it can be an effective treatment option to manage chronic pain. Reducing physical pain will also likely have a positive impact on your mental wellbeing too.
  • Improves sleep quality – We all know sleep is essential for a healthy body and mind. However, anxiety can increase insomnia and insufficient sleep can increase anxiety. So how do you end that cycle? Acupuncture helps relax your muscles and calms your nervous system. This will help ease your brain into a restful sleep when you head to bed.

What locations on your body should you get acupuncture for anxiety and stress

There are many trigger points on your body that you can get acupuncture. Deciding where to target depends on where you are comfortable receiving treatment, the specialty of the practitioner and where you carry tension.

If you’re partial to late nights slumped at your desk, focusing on your back and neck could help leave you feeling more relaxed and stress-free. If you’re often on your feet for long hours, acupuncture can improve tension and pain in your feet and ankles.

Most areas of the body are safe (and relaxing!) to have acupuncture done, even places you might least expect – like your ears and head! If you’re unsure which areas to focus on, speak with a trained practitioner.

Ready to try acupuncture to take back control from anxiety and stress? Use the ClassPass app to find the best acupuncture therapy near you.

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