How to Fall in Love With the Treadmill

If you’re reading this post, it’s probably because you’re not one of the lucky few that already love running on a treadmill. You might have a slight distaste or a passionate hatred for it. Yet for whatever reason, you’re inclined to change that and develop a new relationship with this strange but useful machine.

8 reasons to run on the treadmill

We asked treadmill lovers how they developed a healthier relationship and more positive attitude with regards to this machine and are excited to share some of our favorite tips.

Burn more calories faster with intervals

By constantly changing the speeds and inclines, you can radically increase your calorie burn and focus while you run. When you run at a steady pace, your body gets used to the energy consumption. When you are changing the exertion level by adjusting the incline or speed every 1-2 minutes, your body never gets time to adjust and so it goes into calorie burn overdrive which tends to last until well after your workout is over.

Walk it out now and then

Slow down the pace to walk it out after an intense sprint or hill before you repeat that section again. When used as an active recovery between intense bursts, walking can be an essential part of high intensity running workouts. You can also increase the incline and burn calories fast while you walk. Mix it up!

Tune out of your surroundings

See if you can avoid looking around and worrying about what other people are doing or wondering whether that cute guy three rows over is going to ask you out. Focus in on your own experience and you’ll notice that you start to feel more engaged and enjoy it more.

Get past the four-week hurdle

New runners — remember that most things are not fun when we first start them. Adjusting to a new behavior takes time and so does seeing the benefits. In our experience, it takes about four weeks of consistent engagement before anything starts to be enjoyable. So use your mental toughness to get past that hurdle. You might just discover a way more easeful way of doing things lies on the other side.

Turn off the TV 

People who watch TV while running tend to tune out of their run. Your pace slows down and you lose focus. This means that you have to spend more time running to burn the same amount of calories. Getting results from your workout requires focus.

Use music and audio coaching instead

Unlike TV which distracts you from your run, an awesome playlist can energize you and keeps you running to the beat. Use slower tracks for hills and faster ones for sprints. For additional instructions and motivation, check out ClassPass GO’s audio coaching workouts in which trainers from the leading gyms in the country coach you through workouts. The app also features over 1,300 workout playlists. If workout music and audio coaching isn’t your thing, you can also try listening to audiobooks. Just make sure you don’t forget the task at hand because we all know what happens when Eat, Pray, Love comes on.

Be grateful 

Running on a treadmill gives you the option of being indoors on rainy and snowy days. It’s also way easier on your knees than running on most roads and paths. By constantly reminding yourself of this and connecting with a feeling of gratitude towards it, you’ll soften your distaste and maybe even begin to feel a sense of appreciation for the treadmill.

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