Five Cryotherapy Benefits

If you enjoy keeping up with wellness trends, odds are you have heard of (or even tried) cryotherapy. Whether you are a cryotherapy regular or a newcomer, we are excited to shed some light on this very *cool* technique. 

According to Healthline, cryotherapy simply means “cold therapy” and is a technique where the body is exposed to extremely cold temperatures for several minutes. How cold is extremely cold? Try under -200°F. 

The treatment can be performed on a localized area or on the whole body. In the wellness world, both whole body cryotherapy and cryofacials are continuing to increase in popularity. Despite its heighted popularity, potential benefits of the treatment itself tend to be less known.

Five of the biggest cryotherapy benefits

Cryotherapy has been a fan favorite of athletes for years thanks to its anti-inflammatory effects, but athlete or not – many could benefit from a quick cold session. Check out our favorite benefits below and get ready to get chilly!

Aid in muscle recovery 

You already know your muscles could use a break if you hit the gym regularly, but even just sitting at a chair for 8 hours a day can put strain on the body. Cryotherapy’s promotion of blood flow can help decrease inflammation in the body regardless of what your muscles are going through. Decreasing inflammation in the body can lead to quicker post-workout recovery, including a decrease in both muscle soreness and joint pain. 

Increase mobility and flexibility 

In addition to overall recovery, cryotherapy’s promotion of blood flow can also help increase the flexibility of your muscles. The cold temperature will cause your blood vessels to widen allowing for more blood flow and a higher temperature within your muscles. Increased blood flow has a soothing effect on the muscles, which helps reduce resistance when stretching. Even though your muscles will be warming up, rest assured you will still be feeling the major cryotherapy chill! 

Improve skin appearance 

The anti-inflammatory effects of a full body cryotherapy session bring a whole new level of glow when localized to the face region. If you opt for a cryofacial over a regular facial, you can expect the appointment time to be shorter in length. Less time doesn’t mean less benefits though… cryofacials can help tighten pores, reduce the appearance of fine lines, calm the skin and increase collagen product – what else could you need for a healthy glow? Byrdie shared a full rundown of the Cryofacial experience that we highly recommend checking out before your next appointment! 

Heighten your mood 

Nothing sends a burst to your senses like -200F temperatures. If you’ve been feeling sluggish or just want to mix up your routine, cryotherapy can be an effective and unique way to lift your mood. Better yet, with its short appointment length of just a few minutes, cryotherapy could be one of the quickest ways to a brighter perspective. 

Push your limits 

There’s something about pushing past discomfort that is extremely empowering. Once you break the barrier of what you think is possible in one arena of your life, it’s easier to use that persistence whenever you need it. Not every opportunity to grow strong mentally will mean standing in a tank filled with freezing cold air, but it’s a great place to start! 

Start your Cryotherapy journey

Like most health and fitness activities, experts recommend making cryotherapy part of your regular routine in order to reap the full benefits of the treatment. Don’t know where to start? Check out the ClassPass cryotherapy options in your area

Marnie works on the ClassPass Corporate Team, bringing our mission of Every Life, Fully Lived to companies across the globe. She loves all things wellness and enjoys chatting with the ClassPass studio partners to keep a pulse on upcoming trends. When not at her day job, you can find Marnie at a boxing or pilates class around Austin.
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