The 5 Best Hair Ties, By Hair Type

There are so many different hair ties out there, you probably haven’t given much thought to their function. Usually, people pick whatever hair tie is the cheapest or looks the cutest, but there is a purpose for all the different types that exist. Some hair ties are made not to leave your style creased, while others are meant not to tug on or tangle your curls. Others are meant to sleep in, almost like sleeping on a silk pillowcase. Choosing your hair tie by its function, rather than fashion, will drastically alter your hair game for the better.    

The best hair ties you can buy

Say goodbye to ripping your hair out with these 5 hair ties, made specifically for your hair type.

1. Fine Hair

Fine hair can be prone to pulling or ripping when it comes to hair ties. Many styles, you have to wrap around the hair so many times, they start to lose their shape. Invisibobble hair ties look like old-school telephone cords and might look like they’d tangle the hair, but they do just the opposite. They also don’t leave a crease in the hair, so you can seamlessly move from an updo to wearing your hair down without the line of demarcation you often see with traditional hair ties.

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2. Wavy Hair

If you have wavy hair, fabric hair ties tend to work the best. Your old friend Scrunchie is a great way to prevent tangling or tugging. Try a silk version, like SlipSilk scrunchies, that you can wear all day and even sleep in.  

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3. Tight Curl Patterns or Natural Hair

For curly girls, try a bungee-style hair tie. The Snapee hair tie snaps shut and is extra stretchy, so you don’t have to worry about getting all your curls to fit in your ponytail. Bungee-style hair ties like this wrap around ponytails, versus using tension like traditional hair ties. This prevents headaches from too-tight ties and ensures that delicate curls aren’t tangled.

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4. Short Hair

For hair that’s difficult to get into a ponytail because of the length, you need a strong hold. Polyband styles will hold the shortest or toughest braided styles. The clear versions are small and blend seamlessly into hair, rather than bulky versions recommended for longer hair. They’re so small, in fact, that you can use multiple in order to hold difficult updos.  

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5. Best For A Workout

Scunci No Slip Elastic Hair Bands are a timeless choice, regardless of hair type. They’re perfect for your toughest workout class because they stay put, so you can focus on your workout instead of your hair. The metal-free elastics ensure your hair won’t get tangled or be caused any damage.

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Say goodbye to pulling your hair out along with your hair ties. Buying hair ties for your specific hair type is a game-changer in regards to hair health! Or if you want to jazz up your hair routine, try out getting a hair blowout.

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