The Ultimate Toega Guide

Toega has become a workout trend because stretching out your tootsies has numerous benefits. Taking care of your feet via a few simple exercises can help improve stability, increase mobility/range of motion, and help prevent overuse injuries like shin splints or plantar fasciitis. Here’s what you need to know about Toega, and the exercises you can incorporate into your routine right away.

Yoga for Mindfulness

Our everyday lives have never been busier and it’s easy to forget to prioritize mindfulness. If you’re feeling burnt out at the end of a hectic week, then yoga for mindfulness may be the perfect addition to your fitness routine.  What type of yoga is best for mindfulness All yoga practice encourages mindfulness by bringing […]

Your Guide to Yoga Props

Savasana blankets, tea tree oil, and yoga straps: now what? These days, there are so many new and exciting pieces marketed to help you up your yoga game that it can get pretty overwhelming, especially if you’re a yoga newbie. That said, they’re even more important for you if you’re just starting out, helping you […]

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