4 Zen Places to Destress in London


Living in a big city like London can sometimes get overwhelming, with work and life moving at such a fast pace and presenting high demands on individuals. Having a place to de-stress, breathe and take some time out can be necessary. It’s also best that this place isn’t always the pub.

We’re lucky to have a large amount of green space, with the Royal Parks, local commons and purpose built leisure areas.

Next time the stress of the city becomes too much, go and explore one of these havens within London and chill out.

Sky Garden
In the heart of the city, this is the ideal spot to go on your lunch break to get away from the demands of the office for an hour. Set at the top of the ‘Walkie Talkie’ building, this landscaped garden is set over three floors and contains a bar, restaurant, terrace and viewing platform. Entry is free, but you do need a ticket unless you’re eating/drinking up there.

The Shard
If you’re a fan of heights and great views, there’s no-where better than a stress-releasing yoga class at the View from the Shard. Hosted every Saturday morning by Yogasphere, the highest yoga class in the world is ideal for beginners and seasoned yogis alike. Plus you get to enjoy the panoramic scenes from the viewing platform before it’s opened to the public.

Can’t make it to the shard, then take a class at your favourite yoga studio to chill out.

Kew Gardens 
A little piece of tropical paradise in West London, these Royals botanical gardens house the largest collection of living plants in the world. They say greenery is calming and the huge array of exotic plants and flowers are both restorative for the mind and soul. Fresh air allows your body to recharge, cool the body to balance temperature and improves the respiratory system.

Richmond Park
Transport yourself out of London in this Royal Park, (originally Henry VIII’s hunting grounds) spot deer and other wildlife roaming within the 4 square miles of sprawling woods and grassy fields. Run along the track around the perimeter, cycle laps or take a stroll around the park and forget the woes of the city for a while. 


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