Huntington Beach, CA City Guide

Welcome to Huntington Beach!

If you’re looking for the best workouts and fitness experiences in town, ClassPass has you covered with this guide. Book a class at the city’s top fitness studios and explore everything Huntington Beach’s fitness scene has to offer. Click here to view the full list of ClassPass studios in Huntington Beach, CA.

s t u d i o s    t o   t r y

Lucky you! Here are just a few of the top studios that call Huntington Beach home. 


9Round offers a kickboxing themed fitness program that incorporates functional, interval, cardiovascular and circuit training regimens.

CorePower Yoga

People come to CorePower Yoga for physical and emotional nourishment from the yoga and the community.

Beatbike Indoor Cycling

Spend 45 minutes in a world of captivating sound, unparalleled energy and total exertion in cycling classes, focus on strength in HIIT or tone and stretch in a Power Yoga class.

Red Wolf Crossfit

Red Wolf CrossFit trains clients from all walks of life. Whether you have zero experience in fitness or are an advanced athlete, there’s a program that will fit your individual needs and goals.


KÔR Pilates

KÔR Pilates is an eco-friendly, boutique Pilates studio.


Pure Barre

If you’re looking for a low-impact but effective workout that won’t leave you sweaty, Pure Barre is a great option for toning and tightening the body.



s t u d i o s    o n    t h e    r i s e

Looking for something new? Check out these unique Huntington Beach studios for a fun fitness adventure.

The 12

The 12’s group training classes target alternating muscle groups each day, challenging participants to perform body part-specific, multi-directional movements utilizing free weights, resistance bands and body weight.

Perspire Sauna Studio

Perspire uses infrared saunas to increase your core temperature, detoxify your cells, raise your metabolism, burn calories and improve circulation.

KILO Strength Society

KILO provides an atmosphere for the growing number of individuals looking to gain strength and train properly with professional guidance.


m o r e    f r o m    h u n t i n g t o n   b e a c h

We’ve chosen some of our favorite places to eat, places to go on a day off from class and places to shop for activewear in Huntington Beach. 



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