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Welcome to Fort Worth!

If you’re looking for the best workouts and fitness experiences in town, ClassPass has you covered with this guide. Book a class at the city’s top fitness studios and explore everything Fort Worth’s fitness scene has to offer. Click here to view the full list of studios in Fort Worth, Texas.

s t u d i o s    t o    t r y

Forged Fitness

Forged Fitness allows you to be part of a community united in fitness to take your workouts to new heights.


CycleBar is not your average cycling class—it’s a mind-blowing, heart-pumping party on a bike.

Core Elements Fitness Studio

Core Elements teaches the Lagree Method on the Megaformer, offering a core-strengthening, muscle-sculpting workout that combines Pilates, cardio and strength training.

CorePower Yoga

People come to CorePower Yoga for physical and emotional nourishment from the yoga and the community.

Pure Barre

Pure Barre is a total-body workout that utilizes the ballet barre to perform small, isometric movements which burn fat, sculpt muscles and create long, lean physiques.


This studio offers endurance-specific training for athletes of all ages and skill levels who want to improve their health, increase performance and reduce the risk of injury for life, their sport or their next big race.



s t u d i o s    o n    t h e    r i s e

Want to try something new? Check out these unique Fort Worth studios for a fun fitness adventure.

Vigor Active

Vigor Active promotes activity over fitness. The classes are designed to give you strength, get your heart pumping, increase your hormone levels, relieve pain or correct muscle imbalances.

Texas Ballet Theater

Texas Ballet Theater offers dance and fitness classes for teens and adults of all levels.

CrossFit Panther City

CrossFit Panther City believes in a commitment to excellence. When you make the decision to join a class, the instructors commit themselves to working just as hard.

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