ClassPass Wellness & Fitness Trends: What To Expect In 2021


The ClassPass Fitness Trends and Wellness Predictions are here! We’ve looked at data and insights from 30,000 boutique studios, gyms, spas and wellness partners across 30 countries to share how ClassPassers spent their time this year. 

We are focusing on the impact of the pandemic on fitness, wellness and beauty, the trends that have emerged post-lockdown and where these industries are headed in 2021.

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The impact of COVID-19 on the fitness industry:

Here’s how ClassPassers spent their time in 2020:

Fitness Trends

Digital Fitness Trends

As 95% of studios around the world closed their physical spaces, ClassPass helped 5,000 top studios to add livestream and on-demand workouts, and 81% of ClassPass customers reported that they worked out using digital options. Here’s how they got their sweat on:

Top digital workouts of 2020: 

  1. Yoga
  2. HIIT
  3. Pilates
  4. Barre
  5. Dance
  6. Stretching
  7. Boxing

Yoga is the lockdown winner and increased in popularity by 25% as members called for ways to manage pandemic stress. Yoga was also the most popular workout for someone taking their first livestream class.

HIIT’s share of all workouts increased by 26% and Pilates’ share of all workouts increased by 16%.

Restorative fitness is also very popular in 2020. Meditation and Stretching both rank in the top 10 on-demand activities booked through ClassPass.

Studio Fitness Trends

Since studios have been able to reopen, two underperforming genres during lockdowns have climbed back to the top: Indoor Cycling bookings have increased by 30% and Reformer Pilates bookings have increased by 18%.

Top in-person workouts of 2020 as studios have reopened: 

  1. HIIT
  2. Indoor Cycling
  3. Reformer Pilates
  4. Vinyasa Yoga
  5. Bootcamp
  6. Boxing
  7. Hot Yoga

Members are booking equipment-heavy classes such as HIIT, Cycling, Pilates and Boxing classes. It’s likely that many members will continue with some combination of digital workouts, but rely on studio classes for the workouts that are tough to do at home.

There was a 400% increase in the number of outdoor classes being offered by studios this year as many closed studios moved outside, taking advantage of fresh air and room to socially distance. 4 in 5 surveyed members reported a willingness to attend these classes, and we anticipate this will be a lasting trend into 2021.

Transparent safety information is a key factor in the decision to return to studios, according to more than half of ClassPass members. To help, ClassPass added a feature that allows members to preview the specific safety and sanitation precautions of every studio, from distanced bikes to contactless check-in.

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Wellness and Beauty Trends

There was a post-election spike in wellness and beauty: In the three days following the election results announcement in the US, beauty and wellness appointments soared by 25% as people looked for ways to relax and manage post-election stress.

Massage is the most popular wellness activity since spas have reopened. The most popular types are deep tissue, swedish and thai massage.

Manicures and pedicures are the most popular post-lockdown beauty bookings. Facials, blowouts and haircuts also remain popular.

There is a 19% increase in members accessing Meditation classes.

Corporate Wellness Trends

25% of professionals are exercising more now than at the start of COVID-19, with 1 in 5 using their previous commute time to exercise.

4 in 5 professionals say fitness activities have been crucial to establishing a new work-from-home routine.

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The Future of Fitness: 2021 Trend Forecasting

Taking a Crunch Break, For a Lunch Break

For the first time ever, 12pm is the most popular time to work out during the week. 

Lunchtime workouts have seen a 67% increase in popularity. This shift can largely be attributed to a rise in remote work, and the ease of no-shower required virtual meetings. Even as people have returned to studios, the 12pm weekday time slot for in-person classes is more popular now than it was before lockdowns. 

Dallas, New York City, Los Angeles, Vancouver and Washington, D.C. have all leaned into this trend, becoming this year’s Lunchtime Warriors, or the cities more likely to book a lunchtime class. Internationally, Bristol, London, Edinburgh, Dublin, Manchester and Brighton are all big fans of lunchtime classes.

Fitness Travel Is In, No Passport Required

With digital options, you are no longer limited to your geographical location, so it’s the perfect chance to take a dance class with a friend across the country or revisit a studio you loved on vacation. More than half of members are chiming in regularly for classes taught from other cities.

New York and Los Angeles studios are getting the most attention from international members. Fitness fans based in cities such as London and Singapore are eager to try top US studios.

Members already based in North America are most likely to take a class streamed from London (UK), Sydney (Australia) or Amsterdam (Netherlands).

Open Air Gyms Are a Breath of Fresh Air

Outdoor workouts first emerged in Europe and have continued to grow in demand throughout the US. 4 in 5 surveyed ClassPass members are willing to try outdoor classes — ClassPass has added a search for “Outdoors” classes to support this trend and the number of outdoor class options has increased by 400% in 2020.

Many studios are getting creative with outdoor classes including using beautiful city backdrops for class. One studio in Amsterdam even rented out an underutilized wedding venue! Los Angeles is the most likely city to book an outdoor class in the US. Edinburgh is the most likely city to book an outdoor class in the UK.

For members who feel more comfortable with 1:1 instead of group workouts, ClassPass has also added personal training options through a new partnership with Fyt.

Corporate Wellness Benefits Have Become a Must-Have for Companies

25% of professionals are exercising more now than at the start of COVID-19, with 1 in 5 using their previous commute time to exercise

4 in 5 professionals say fitness activities have been crucial to establishing a new work-from-home routine. 96% of professionals say they feel more motivated and less stressed after exercising, with 89% of professionals saying they feel more productive during the workday after exercising.

3 in 5 professionals who have participated in a team workout report feeling more connected to their team afterwards. Teams are most likely to book a private HIIT or yoga class to stay engaged and workout together, and hundreds of private classes have been booked.

Since the start of the pandemic, ClassPass has offered remote fitness benefits to one million employees across companies of all sizes. The interest from companies is continuing to grow, and we expect fitness and wellness benefits to be more important than ever in attracting and retaining talent.

People Will Head Back To Studios Once They Feel Safe

92% of professionals hope to return to fitness studios and gyms in 2021, with 40% planning to return exclusively to in-studio workouts when they feel safe to do so (source: Nov 2020 study of 2,185 professionals from 19 countries)

After attending their first indoor class since the start of the pandemic, 89% of subscribers responded they would go back as or more frequently to future classes.

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