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For a city rich in history and happenings, it’s only right that the fitness and wellness scene is booming in Richmond. From taking flight at Fighting Gravity Fitness to a pampering session at The Red Door Salon & Spa, ClassPass is your ticket to the best fitness and wellness activities RVA has to offer. Need some help getting started? Here are a few suggestions.

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Featured Studios

From big names to local favorites, the best fitness experiences are right in your backyard. Here are some of the top studios and gyms that call Richmond home.

Humble Haven Yoga

Humble Haven offers a variety of hot, gently heated and unheated classes that are sequenced and taught to all levels. Whether this is your first yoga class or you’re an avid practitioner, simply select a class time and description that appeals to you.


CycleBar is not your average cycling class—it’s a mind-blowing, heart-pumping party on a bike. Every ride is led by an elite CycleStar Instructor, each with their own style and vibe. No two rides are alike; from the music to the intensity to the overall vibe.


PLANKrva is a Megaformer studio with jamming music and high energy. They teach the Lagree Training Method of Pilates, which delivers a high intensity, low impact group fitness class to build your strength, endurance, cardio, balance, flexibility and body composition.


The mission of Endorphasm is to create a fitness environment that brings you closer to your soul. An environment that strips away the excuses, sharpens your mind and body focus and allows you to reach beyond your perceived limitations and accomplish your goals.

Hot House Yoga RVA

Hot House Yoga’s extensive schedule makes finding time to practice easy for everyone, beginners and advanced students alike. The studios have been designed with convenience and comfort in mind.


barReVA is a local privately owned barre studio in Richmond offering a unique full body workout inspired by the Lotte Berk Method. Barre is a ballet-inspired workout technique, which also incorporates components of yoga, Pilates and isometric strength training.

Niche Fit Studio

Niche is a boutique fitness studio. Just as the name implies, they are dedicated to their craft. They offer classes in Pilates Reformer, Mat Pilates, Functional Training (TRX band classes) and Yoga.


No two City Barre classes will ever be the same. Although every City Barre class will leave you feeling stronger, they strive to bring newness and creativity each time you walk through the door—challenging not only your body, but your mind.


Lunge Yoga

Lunge Yoga is located in the Southern River District of Richmond, Virginia. With a deep love for the James River, they wanted a space close enough to wander into after a mountain bike ride, trail run, kayaking expedition, or neighborhood stroll.











Beyond The Studio

We’ve chosen some of our favorite places to eat, adventure and shop in Richmond. Dig into a healthy post-class meal, explore local spots on your rest day and get all of the gear you need for your next workout with ClassPass.



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