ClassPass + Blink Terms

Through the ClassPass + Blink Fitness Co-Membership offer, you are agreeing to signing up for a ClassPass membership and a Blink Fitness All-Access NY Metro membership for an additional price per month (plus applicable tax) on top of your existing ClassPass plan.

Your ClassPass membership is provided by ClassPass and is governed by the ClassPass Terms of Use and Privacy Policy Your Blink Fitness Membership is provided by Blink Holdings, Inc. (“Blink”) and is governed by Blink’s membership agreement (“Blink Membership Agreement”) that you must agree to upon accessing and using any Blink Fitness® location. In addition, by signing up for this co-membership, you are agreeing to the offer terms set forth below. Do not complete your purchase if you do not agree to these terms.

What are the details of the ClassPass + Blink Fitness Co-Membership offer?

For an additional price/month on top of your existing ClassPass plan, you are a Blink Fitness member in addition to a ClassPass member, with access to all of the NY Metro Blink Fitness® locations (certain perks of all-access membership are not available – see below). NY Metro includes locations in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, but other Blink Fitness® locations are excluded. Every month, your ClassPass membership entitles you to sign up for your ClassPass classes at any participating studio (plan restrictions apply) AND your Blink Fitness membership entitles you to unlimited access to all Blink Fitness® locations in the NY Metro area (standard membership terms and restrictions apply). You will automatically be charged for your combined membership every month for access to both ClassPass and Blink until you cancel. You can cancel at any time with one-day notice prior to the start of your next billing cycle. See below for details on how to cancel.

When does my ClassPass + Blink Fitness membership start?

Your ClassPass + Blink Fitness membership begins at the start of your next billing cycle. You will receive a confirmation of purchase email from ClassPass detailing your login information. In order to access and use Blink Fitness locations, you must go to any location in the NY Metro area to retrieve your all-access key fob once your next billing cycle starts, sign the Blink Membership Agreement and take a photo to complete the activation process. You will not be able to access or use your Blink membership prior to the new cycle date.

Will ClassPass and Blink Fitness both have access to my membership information?

Yes. The information you provide to ClassPass (other than credit card information), such as your name, address and email address will be available to both ClassPass and Blink Fitness so that they can activate and provide you with your memberships. Your credit card information will only be accessible to ClassPass. ClassPass’s use of your information will be governed by the ClassPass Privacy Policy and Blink’s use of such information will be governed by your Blink Fitness Membership Agreement.  You acknowledge that Blink may gather additional information from you in the course of its relationship with you.

Will I see separate charges for ClassPass and Blink Fitness?

No, you will see a single payment from ClassPass each month.

How do I cancel my ClassPass + Blink Fitness Membership?

You must cancel your ClassPass + Blink Fitness co-membership via your ClassPass account. You are NOT able to cancel your ClassPass + Blink Fitness membership through Blink. To cancel your ClassPass + Blink Fitness co-membership, log in to your ClassPass account, go to “Settings” and click “Manage my plan”. You can adjust your plan back to ClassPass only, or cancel your membership. The special pricing and benefits included with this offer are only available when you are a member of both ClassPass and Blink Fitness through this plan. This means if you cancel, both your ClassPass and Blink Fitness memberships will be canceled. Through this offer, you may not put your Blink Fitness membership on hold.

What is the ClassPass + Blink Fitness Membership Refund Policy?

Generally, fees (including the monthly fee for your membership and any other fees) are nonrefundable, except that ClassPass + Blink Fitness co-members will be entitled to a refund for their current prepaid period in the following circumstances: (a) if the member cancels and requests a refund within 5 days of their initial purchase, (b) if the member cancels prior to the end of a period for which they have paid, due to relocation, disability or death, (c) if Blink Fitness does not permit a member to activate their Blink Fitness Membership, including as a result of the member’s failure to satisfy any Blink Fitness member requirements; and (d) in accordance with any refunding requirements that are required by law or otherwise expressly set forth in your Blink Fitness Membership Agreement; provided, however, in each case we reserve the right to charge a fee to cover the cost of any class or other services you may have used prior to your cancellation, to the extent permitted by law (such class fee charges not to exceed the cost of the subscription itself).

Liability Waiver

You understand and agree that ClassPass is providing the ClassPass membership and Blink Fitness is providing the Blink Fitness membership. You forever waive, release and give up all claims, demands, liability, damages, costs, expenses of any kind whatsoever and you agree not to sue ClassPass Inc., Blink Holdings, Inc. or either of their respective affiliates, employees, consultants, contractors or service providers with respect to any claim that may arise in connection with your ClassPass membership or Blink Fitness membership or any related activity or your participation therein, including any and all claims of death, disability, personal injury, property damage, property theft, except the foregoing waiver does not apply to Blink Fitness, to the extent arising out of the negligence of Blink Fitness or their respective personnel, and you agree to indemnify and hold harmless the entities or persons mentioned in this paragraph from any and all liabilities or claims made by other individuals or entities as a result of your ClassPass membership or Blink membership or your participation therein. You hereby assume all risk in connection with your participation in or use of your ClassPass Membership and Blink Membership, even if caused in whole or in part by the negligence or other fault of the parties or persons you are hereby releasing. You fully understand you are forever giving up, in advance, any right to sue or make any claim against the parties you are releasing if you suffer such injuries and damages, even though you do not know what or how extensive those injuries and damages might be, and are voluntarily assuming the risk of such injuries and damages. This waiver shall be governed and interpreted by the laws of the state of New York. In the event that any provision of this waiver is held to be invalid, the invalidity of such provision shall not otherwise affect the remaining provisions which shall continue to remain in full force and effect.

Your Blink Fitness Membership

What is included in my Blink Fitness Membership?

Your Blink Fitness membership is an all-access level membership to Blink Fitness® locations in the NY Metro area. ClassPass users who purchase the Offer will be entitled to access and use all Blink Fitness facilities accessible to all-access level members and can receive a complimentary 30-minute start-up training session from Blink Fitness. Personal Training sessions and other add-ons will be at an additional cost paid directly to Blink Fitness. The ClassPass – Blink Fitness membership does not provide members with guest privileges, access to iBlink (Blink Fitness’ internal member portal), or Blink Fitness’ BFF referral rewards program.

How do I access my Blink Fitness Membership?

You will receive a purchase confirmation email with instructions on how to gain access to your Blink Fitness Membership. Head to the nearest Blink Fitness® location with your purchase confirmation and begin the signup process! To receive your Blink Fitness key fob you will be asked to sign your Blink Fitness membership agreement and take a quick photo.

Can I go to any Blink Fitness location?

With this membership, you have unlimited access to the NY Metro Blink Fitness locations.

Do I have to book into the Blink Fitness gyms through the ClassPass app?

No, you are now a Blink Fitness member. Once you receive your Blink Fitness key fob upon your first visit to any participating Blink Fitness location, you will be able to access the gym during any operating hours and in accordance with all standard operating procedures and rules.

Does Blink Fitness have classes I can go to?

Blink Fitness does not currently offer any classes at their existing facilities, but does offer personal training sessions which you may purchase directly from Blink Fitness.

Your ClassPass Membership

At which studios can I take my ClassPass classes?

You can book classes at any fitness studio that is on the ClassPass platform. You will also have access to Flex, which allows you to book classes in any of ClassPass’s cities. ClassPass is currently in 39 markets. The standard ClassPass plan restrictions apply.

How many times can I take classes at the same studio through my ClassPass membership?

With your ClassPass membership, the standard restrictions apply. Please note that your ClassPass credits must be used within one billing cycle and cannot be rolled over into the next billing cycle, unless ClassPass expressly communicates otherwise. You can find information about the current rollover policies here.

Who do I contact with questions regarding my ClassPass or Blink Fitness membership?

For ClassPass-related questions, please use this form. For Blink Fitness-related questions, please contact Blink Fitness. As noted above, any cancellations of the ClassPass + Blink Fitness co-membership must be processed through ClassPass, not Blink Fitness.

What is ClassPass’ class cancellation policy?

For a complete outline of ClassPass user policies regarding late cancellations, read more in the Help Center.

When can I sign up for ClassPass classes?

Almost all ClassPass classes are available to book up to 5 minutes before start time. The booking window for most classes opens at noon 7 days before the date of the class. To book classes on the go, download our free iPhone or Android app. If you’re stuck at your desk, you can always book classes on once you log in.

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