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From capital to campus, it’s no question that Madison is at the heart of the great state of Wisconsin. Amid the scenic lake views and roaring crowds at Camp Randall, is a community of fitness studios and gyms waiting to be visited. With a healthy mix of activities and instructors, ClassPass is your ticket to all of the best workouts Mad-City has to offer.

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Featured Studios

From big names to local favorites, the best fitness experiences are right in your backyard. Here are some of the top studios and gyms that call Madison home.


[solidcore] is a 50-minute, full body workout. They use slow and controlled full-body movements with constant tension to work your muscle fibers to failure – yep, failure. This low-impact process forces your muscles to rebuild a more sculpted, stronger and [solid] you.


Barre3 is a full body balanced workout combining strength conditioning, cardio and mindfulness. Rooted in three fitness disciplines: ballet barre, pilates and yoga—Barre3 workouts will have you feeling strong and balanced inside and out.

Canvas Club Boxing

You will find yourself in the ring training, working and thinking like a fighter. Classes focus on heavy bag work, agility, interval training and strength training. A full body burn is guaranteed!


CycleBar is not your average cycling class—it’s a mind-blowing, heart-pumping party on a bike. Every ride is led by an elite CycleStar Instructor, each with their own style and vibe. 

Earthview Yoga

As soon as you enter the warm, spacious yoga studio you’ll begin to feel more grounded, centered and relaxed. EarthView provides a beautiful environment to cultivate the strength, balance, flexibility and mental clarity achieved through a committed yoga practice.


Kamps fitness classes feature high-energy music and skilled instructors leading group fitness classes and motivating you throughout the workout. Classes are designed for all skill levels.


Studio Melt

Inside melt, you will find a variety of services to fit your health goals. They blend the best of traditional exercise with cutting-edge innovations in fitness. Group exercise classes at melt are different. They combine physical training with mindful exercise in unique formats.

Omni Fight Club

Train like a fighter without getting hit! Omni Fight Club is the cardio-­kickboxing, total body experience you’ve been looking for. Punch, kick and work your way through these 60­ minute, high ­intensity classes. 



REFORMadison is a certified Lagree studio that offers 50 minutes of high intensity, low impact exercise classes done on a machine called the Megaformer. Combining strength, endurance, cardio, flexibility and stretching in each move, a REFORMadison workout will push you beyond what you thought was even imaginable.


Beyond The Studio

We’ve chosen some of our favorite places to eat, adventure and shop in Madison. Dig into a healthy post-class meal, explore local spots on your rest day and get all of the gear you need for your next workout with ClassPass.



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