10 Reasons Men Should Get Facials

Facials and beauty treatments aren’t typically at the top of most men’s list of priorities, and here are a few reasons why that’s a mistake.

Men’s facials aren’t too dissimilar from women’s facials in that they involve a multiple-step cleansing process, preferably performed by a trained skin specialist in order to get the best results but you can often do them yourself at home with the right products.

As a general rule of thumb, men’s facials will usually involve a deeper cleansing aspect due to the slight differences in men’s skin. A good men’s facial, just like any other treatment, will be personalized to your specific skin type and your specific concerns such as oily skin, break outs, anti-aging, etc. A typical men’s facial will often include a cleansing, steaming, exfoliating and nourishing treatment to leave you with clean, fresh and hydrated skin.

Why should men get facials?

It’s just as important for men to look after their skin as it is for women, whether we want to admit it or not. Here’s how regular facials can help improve your skin, and as a result boost your confidence, with just a little regular upkeep.

Keeps your skin clean and clear

Probably the most obvious reason for men to get facials is to make sure your skin is as clean as it can possibly be. All sorts of things can cause your skin to break out, no matter what your age. If you’ve been working in a dusty or dirty environment, been sweating a lot in the gym, or maybe you’ve been indulging in food and drink a little more than usual, a regular facial can help to clear blocked pores, blackheads and impurities without damaging your skin.

Reduce oily skin

Whether it’s because men have higher testosterone levels than women, or because we tend not to take as good care of our skin, men’s skin tends to produce more oil which can lead to clogged pores, blackheads and even acne.

Regular facials can help to reduce the amount of oil on your skin, keeping it clean and reducing the amount of shine.

Increase circulation

When blood circulation slows or is impaired our skin can seem dull and we can look tired or unwell. Circulation can be improved with any number of other treatments from enzyme masks to lymphatic massage, any treatment that massages your facial tissue can help to improve your skin’s circulation and give you that healthy looking glow.

Get a smoother shaving experience

If shaving is a part of your everyday routine, you’ll likely have suffered from irritation, razor burn and ingrown hairs at some point. Luckily, exfoliation is an important part of a men’s facial treatment which not only helps to get rid of dead skin cells, but can release ingrown hairs under your skin. All this gives you a smoother shaving experience in addition to healthy, fresh-looking skin.

Relaxation and stress release

If you’ve never had a facial then you might not realise how relaxing they can be. Not only are they an opportunity to have some quiet time and practice some self-care, but most facials will include a facial massage as well as a head and shoulders massage. Taking 30 minutes or an hour to look after your skin, get a massage and take some time for yourself, what could be more relaxing than that?

Can’t I just do a facial at home?

Men’s skincare has come a long way in recent years, and there are all sorts of products available to help you look after your skin at home, but there are a few key reasons why a professional facial will be so much more effective than just doing one at home.

Professional facials are better at removing blackheads

You may have tried pore strips and all sorts of home products to get rid of blackheads, some of which are pretty good, but they’re no substitute for a professional facial. When performed safely and effectively by a professional facialist, extracting blackheads as well as removing all manner of breakout, can be relatively painless and far more effective than doing it yourself at home.

Professional exfoliation is better and safer

In addition to a moisturiser and a cleanser, plenty of men will have some sort of exfoliation product at home that helps to give the skin a proper scrub, improve skin tone and get rid of any excess dead cells. Professional exfoliants target deep layers of your skin and can give you better results that you couldn’t achieve at home.

Professionals use better equipment

There’s a load of equipment that you would probably never consider buying yourself that can help your skin. Everything from LED lights, radiofrequency, electric current, to ultrasound, these are tools that professional facialists will often have access to. Meaning you can benefit from the treatment without having to fork out for the cost.

You can learn about your skin

A lot of the time we’re guessing what our skin needs, but a skincare specialist can help you see things that you can’t just see in the mirror, and give you proper skincare advice you wouldn’t have thought of. For instance, I always struggled with oily skin so never moisturised. A skincare specialist showed me that my skin was producing more oil because it didn’t have enough moisture. Now I moisturise everyday.

You can also get product and home care recommendations so that your skin can always look its best.

It’s so much more relaxing

Rather than having to do a multi-step routine and remember to use all the right products before you go to bed, you can just lie back and have a professional take care of things for you. Way more relaxing.

How often should men get a facial?

Getting a facial isn’t like getting a haircut, you don’t have to get one done every few weeks in order to notice a change. A simple place to start is to get a facial four times a year, so when the seasons change. That’s an easy way to remember, and as the weather changes so will the demands on your skin.

Give yourself a fresh start each season and book a professional men’s facial near you.

Should I shave before having a facial?

This depends on your skin type and how much stubble you tend to grow. Shaving can cause irritation, especially if you have sensitive skin. In this case, skip the shave just before. On the other hand if you tend to grow a lot of stubble fast, the products used might not penetrate into the skin as effectively. The best option is probably to give your stubble a nice tight clipper, rather than a wet shave.

Does a men’s facial hurt?

This will depend on the type of facial you get. If your treatment focuses heavily on extractions and getting rid of blackheads etc, there might be a bit of discomfort. But it doesn’t last long. Just be sure to tell your skincare professional if you have any allergies or sensitive skin as you don’t want products that irritate your skin or make it sting.

Will I look noticeably different after a facial?

Depending on what your skin looked like before and what your skin issues are, you may or may not see a dramatic difference after your first facial. In fact, you might be a little red after exfoliation or extraction or you might notice some breakouts as your skin clears. Don’t worry, this is normal and usually temporary.

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