Friday Fuel From Fierce Grace Brixton in London

The best part of being able to diversify your routine is the chance to try workouts that are completely new. Never tried boxing? Go for it. What about Pilates? Give it a shot. Think yoga isn’t hard? Think again. As you try new studios and new exercises, you might get nervous, and at times, you might find yourself doubting if you can make it through the class. When those clouds come, remember this: all you have to do is try. After all, what’s the worst that could happen? This weekend, we say go for it. Take a class at Fierce Grace Brixton in London.

Friday Fuel From Philly Power Yoga & Thrive Pilates

How many times have you completed something you once thought was impossible? Taken (and rocked) that hard class you thought you couldn’t make it through. Asked for a raise and promotion because you deserved it. Been brave enough to stand up for whatever you believe, regardless of what everyone else thinks. The beauty of leaning in to impossibility is that you open up your perspective, your options and you build strength, guts and power. This weekend, go after something you thought was too much, too high, too difficult, too something – and push yourself to make it happen. Sign up for a class at Philly Power Yoga & Thrive Pilates in Philadelphia. 

Friday Fuel From Dance Trance in Orlando

You made it to Friday! Regardless if the week seemed to last forever or went by fast, we have one challenge to you this weekend: Go dancing! Even if it’s just in your kitchen when you’re cooking breakfast or in the shower after hitting a tough bootcamp class. Wherever you are, let yourself go and dare to be silly. After all, you work hard, you work out hard and you keep yourself strong. Sometimes, you just need to let it all go… and dance it all out. Sign up for a class at Dance Trance in Orlando. 

Friday Fuel From Ra Yoga in Orange County

  What’s just as important as making it to the workouts you sign up for? That support system that’s right there on Gchat with you, talking about your class schedule for the week and encouraging you to be your best person. From the co-workers and friends that join you in a bootcamp class to the instructors who push you, the people you surround yourself with define your energy. So, who is on your team? Who should be? Sign up for a class at Ra Yoga in Orange County.