The Benefits of Pole Dancing

Confidence is only the beginning. Here’s what’s next.

Pole dancing has been having a hot minute over the past few years, and there’s a major reason why: it’s full-body strength training disguised as a “workout.” I learned this five years ago when I booked a pole dancing class at Crunch not knowing that I’d turn it into my weekly Tuesday night ritual the week after. If that’s not enough to get you to peep this filter in your ClassPass app right now, keep reading. This article goes into depth on all the hidden fitness benefits this class is filled with. It’s not what the myths make it out to be!


Stretching after class can be a chore, I feel you. Make stretching more enjoyable by combining it with a workout and great music. Take it from a beginner: I’m not the most flexible person in the world. I personally dread stretching, and run a lot. I was able to see results in a little over a month, hitting my goal to be able to touch my toes! Consistency is key with stretching — stick with one class a week to see these results.

Core Strength

As a former collegiate track & field athlete, I found the core muscle memory from vaulting was exactly the same. If that’s you: BOOK A CLASS. You’ll learn how to push past your height PR in a month. If you’re struggling with core strength, this class will trick you into getting stronger because it’s so much fun! You’ll even be surprised at how much more toned you look. Between the posture-improving movements and ab work, you’ll see and feel results — quick.

Mental Toughness

This is a majorly hidden one. During one of my first classes, I spent the entire hour trying to land a leg grip, and it was maddening. However, I just couldn’t stop myself from trying again and again. It was exciting, kind of like trying to climb a tree when you were younger. I’m also going to be completely transparent: progress is painful. Leg and arm grips aren’t super comfortable: it takes a month for your body to adjust. You can always modify your movements if it’s getting to be too much too soon. Your instructor will be there every step of the way to push you past your comfort zone safely.

Your Joints & Muscles

This is another hidden one. Joint pain can happen later in life, especially if you aren’t strengthening your bones and connective tissue. You’ll also gain increased joint mobility which is helpful for everyday movements and other workouts. I saw a major improvement in my battle rope stamina as a result!

With all these amazing benefits to your current fitness routine, there’s no reason to not try it out. Will this week be your first? Your future body will thank you.

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