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10 Unique Fitness Classes You Should Take This Spring

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ClassPass has over 100 studios in New York and Boston. So, if you’re sticking with the same four or five studios, you are missing out.  Not only can repeating the same classes over and over again get boring, it’s also keeping you in the dark on some hidden gems of classes.

Here are 10 unique fitness classes you should take this spring. Not a member of ClassPass?  Sign up now!

aqua spinning classpass

POWER at Aqua Studios (NYC):  Obviously deciding that spinning while in water wasn’t enough, the team at Aqua Studios developed the POWER Class which pairs the highest level of resistance with a slow, steady cadence to put you in your “tempo zone” and build your mental strength.

Surf at Tone Fitness ClassPass

Surf at TONE (NYC):  This Astoria studio has a class you can only get here, a surfboard workout on land.  Once you jump on board the RipSurfer X, it is full steam ahead in this 45-minute class.  Stabilizing yourself on the surfboard gives a whole new meaning to core and balance and the cardio circuits mixed in will leave you breathless.

AKT in Motion Unique Fitness Classes

4Play at AKT In Motion (NYC): With a new outpost in Brooklyn added to its current UES and SoHo locations, there’s no excuse to miss an AKT workout.  The 4Play class is a bootcamp version of owner Anna Kaiser’s signature dance classes.  Expect props like bands and balls and lots of cardio and strength-intensive intervals.

Doonya ClassPass Bollywood dance

Dance Class at Doonya (NYC):  This dance class is unlike any other in the city thanks to its Bollywood-infused vibe.  Called the “happy workout,” this class uses your own body resistance in intervals of cardio and conditioning to tone your arms, abs and legs.  There’s a reason Bollywood stars are lean and strong.

Studio 360 Spinning

Signature Series at Studio 360 (NYC): If you don’t have time to make it to a spin class for cardio and a yoga class for balance, head to Studio 360 where they carefully curate both of them into one 60-minute class.  The Signature Series class starts off with a 40 minute indoor bike ride and then moves into a 20 minute yoga series in another room. Talk about multitasking.

livingroom soho

Gyrotonic at Living Room SoHo (NYC): In a room with white-washed walls and chandeliers that resembles, yes, a living room, you will move your body in a new, low-impact way on the trademark Gyrotonic equipment. Consider it a combination of the best of yoga and Pilates merged into one that will leave you feeling Zen alongside your increased strength and flexibility.

 Pound FitnessPhoto care of POUND

POUND at Secret Physique (Boston): This class is named POUND for a reason.  It includes constant simulated drumming, yes with weighted drum sticks AKA “Ripstix”, through 45 minutes of a full-body cardio jam session fused with Pilates, isometric movements, plyometric and yoga-based poses.  Whew.

Beantown Bootcamp

Intermediate Bootcamp at Beantown Bootcamp (Boston): Think bootcamps are only for spring and summer? Not at. This bootcamp is an indoor bootcamp that offers both strength and cardio cross-training. There is always a different mix of cross-training exercises every time you go.

Life in Synergy

Synergistics Fitness Method at Life in Synergy (Boston):  Forget pounding on the treadmill for hours at a time.  This full-body workout is a one-stop shop to target your problem areas and speed up your metabolism, a gift that will keep on giving hours after the 60 minutes is up.

Recycle Studios

Request Ride at Recycle Studio (Boston):  Have a theme ride idea or a favorite artist you’re dying to rock out to on the bike? Recycle Studio makes it happen each week when they pick a new theme based on client’s email, Twitter and Facebook requests.  The best part, besides listening to your favorite music, is that if they pick your theme, you get a prize.

So there you have it. 10 classes to take this spring. Start checking them off! If you don’t have a ClassPass, you can request an invite here!

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