6 Post-Class Perfumes That Aren’t Too Strong

You love the feeling you get after a hard-earned workout. You walk out the studio door feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and re-energized for whatever comes your way. But after you shower (or don’t, your call), get ready and are about to head out the door, there’s only one thing left to do in your routine: your daily perfume spritz.

But when you’re in a locker room full of a bunch of people and still a little hot from your workout, the last thing you want to hang on your body is a heavy, nausea-inducing scent. Enter these light, fresh and rejuvenating post-class perfumes that will add a fragrant bounce to your step.

If you love the smell of the ocean, try:

With just a hint of pure water lily mixed with fresh bamboo leaves, this roll-on fragrance recalls fond memories of your summer adventures. Think waves crashing on the sand and the smell of sunscreen in the air. It’s also the perfect size for tossing into your workout bag and has the easiest application ever: Just roll on the wrists, behind your ears or on your chest and you’re good to go!
Try nowAqua Coralline Cologne Spray Pen, $20

If you’re headed to date night, try: 

Feel and smell your best for dinner or drinks with a romantic scent that masks muskiness without overdoing it. The natural scents and pheromones released when we exercise can be attractive to a potential partner, so you’ll want to enhance with a fragrance consisting of soft elements like peach flowers, red peony and amber. This one also adds in a little lilac green and Sicilian lemon leaves, which gives a nice just-showered feel.
Try nowLanvin Éclat d’Arpège, $88

If you want an all-natural, outdoorsy scent, try: 

Not feeling sweet and flowery? Opt for this roll-on unisex oil that gives you an earthy, woodsy aroma. It’s made with therapeutic-grade essential oils made from pine, vetiver, sandalwood and jojoba, and claims to invoke the power of each spirit animal it’s named after. Lions, tigers and bears, anyone?
Try nowRootfoot, $26

If you love to infuse your water bottle with citrus, try: 

Lemon, lime and orange offer a nice, refreshing break from your average filtered water, so why not continue with these same crisp notes for your post-workout perfume? This lemony scent brings a clean, sweet and airy aroma that is strong enough to stay with you for hours, but subtle enough to smell fresh and natural.
Try nowFresh Sugar Lemon Eau De Parfum, $90

If you want to smell sweet and fruity without overdoing it, try: 

On a non-workout day, you’re the kind of gal to douse on something sugary, but after a sweaty workout you know to stay far away from anything too strong. With this sexy, light fragrance from VS, you get that fresh, fruity scent that lingers on your skin without being too heavy and overbearing. Just a few squirts will do the trick for a few solid hours, and no one will even know you skipped the showers!
Try nowVictoria’s Secret Bombshell Body Mist, $75

If you took a late-night class and want to wind down, try: 

There’s something invigorating about hitting your favorite studio in the later hours of the day, when less people are out and about. But amping up your heart rate and energy levels that late can present a problem when it’s time to hit the hay. That’s when this delicious sleep fragrance comes in handy.
Try nowAromatic Bedtime Treatment, $60

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