5 Delicious Substitutes for Bread

We all reach a point where we need to break up with bread, whether it’s for health reasons that require a gluten-free diet or on a more temporary basis for those who intuitively know they just need some space. Fortunately, there are plenty of other options out there. Rebound quick with these top bread substitutes that will make you wonder why you ever got involved with bread in the first place.

Breadless bruschetta

Mmm, bruschetta—arguably one of the best appetizers out, of which bread is a major ingredient. However, this smart low-carb rendition stars eggplant in place of the tiny toasts. The idea behind this recipe is that the bread is “merely the vehicle for the tomato mixture,” so subbing in the light and sweet taste of eggplant will actually enhance the taste. Bonus: it’s much healthier.

Fancy loaf

Some days just call for the consumption of bread, or at least something bread-like in consistency. Enter the loaf cake. Similar to a classic pound cake, this baby should do the trick. The delicious blend of ingredients in this sweet treat satisfy any type of craving without feeling any gluten guilt.

Vegetable bun

Inspired by the stroke of genius that is the ramen bun, the spiralized bun is a perfect replacement for a burger bun. That’s because it transforms any vegetable that can be spiralized into a healthy, bread-free enclosure for any type of burger and is also a solid foundation for creative spins on the open-face sandwich.

Sandwich wrap

The ease of making a quick PB&J for lunch will no longer derail a successful bread-free streak, because collard greens are stepping up as the gluten-free sandwich wrap hero. The large leaves are versatile and can wrap up and hold just about any filling you desire without splitting open. This alternative also ensures you get in those greens!

Mushroom pizza-pie

Gluten-free pizza crust exists, but doesn’t portobello mushroom pizza crust sound way more interesting? There are endless options for pizza toppings and killer combinations, plus it’s pretty quick and painless to make. Hello, new late-night snack!

Amy Hillock is a freelance writer and an executive producer at production company ASSEMBLY9 in New York City. She enjoys leading workplace wellness yoga in offices around Manhattan through YogaWithAim, and spending recklessly on travel plans, green juice and new Nikes. Follow her (mostly) healthy pursuits on Instagram and Twitter.