8 Motivational Tanks You Need in 2016

If you’re staying on top of your exercise schedule now that it’s actually starting to feel a lot like winter, good for you! Half of the battle is showing up, but a little added inspiration to make it through the entire workout can’t hurt, right? That’s why we’ve compiled this list of must-buy motivational tanks that literally say it all when it comes to making it finishing your workout.

Best for when you need to go HAM
Had a stressful day at work or a nasty Gchat fight with your bestie? For those days when you feel like you just need to bust through a workout, this tank is sure to fully reflect your attitude. Let endorphins work their magic while you get your fitness on during class. P.S. Everyone will know to give you extra space to flex and strut your stuff.
Buy it: Women’s Fitness Tank Top by FierceFabFitness/Etsy, $21

Best for the free-spirited
If your motto is to live every day like it’s your last, this tank has your name on it. And thanks to its boyfriend fit—think loose and relaxed around the neck and midsection—you can actually feel free while wearing it. Slip it on for a yoga class to enhance your mood and the mindset of those around you.
Buy it: Live Freely Love Deeply Boyfriend Tank by Blogilates Designs, $17.50

Best for getting through a tough week
Ever have one of those days when almost nothing seems to be going your way? When you’re squeezing your way onto public transportation in the morning only to realize you’ve been walking around with a giant hole in your leggings? We hear ya. But lo and behold, that’s what exercise is all about anyway—a means to release the stressors of our days. Don this message proudly so when you see your reflection in the studio mirror (damn, look at those definition lines!) you’re reminded of who’s the boss.
Buy it: You Have to Fight Through Some Bad Days to Earn the Best Days, by Human, $22

Best for days when you just can’t
So you’re new at this whole boxing thing and have no idea how to pull off a jab-jab-uppercut-hook routine five times fast. Hey, everyone starts somewhere. Give yourself the motivation you need to remember that you can do it—or, at the very least, you can try. 
Buy it: Mind Over Matter Burnout Tank Top by FunnyShirtsGalore/Etsy, $20

Best for days when you know you can
You’ve got this thing—and no one needs to tell you! Pull on this bright blue racerback tank before you tackle your favorite exercise class to push yourself to the next level. Your fellow ClassPassers will thank you for showing up with some added inspiration and a motivational message they all can put to good use.
Buy it: Vintage Motivational Tank Top-I Can by Mighty Petunia, $28

Best for super sweaty workouts
We love the classes that raise our heart rate so high that we’re practically sweating buckets. So if you’re the get-sweaty type, give this fun, lightweight tank a try. It’s made from a super soft fabric and has a wide scooped neckline so you can sweat all you want without worrying about totally saturating your top.
Buy it: Happy Tank by Lorna Jane, $40

Best for supporting a good cause
Like overcoming a difficult obstacle, completing a workout can make you feel euphoric and satisfied. That’s what makes this motivational tank—which donates $1 from every tank purchased to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation—such a worthwhile addition to your exercise attire.
Buy it: Sweat—She Will Endure All Things by Chase Infinity, $26

Best for feelin’ like a G
You can’t be stopped—but you knew that already. That’s why this “Hustle”-emblazoned tank is right up your alley. Wear it to any class as a reminder that you showed up and you’re here to conquer.
Buy it: HUSTLE Tank Top by NobullWomanApparel/Etsy, $23


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