How ClassPass Made Me a Happier Person

I’ve always been a relatively happy person.

I’ve been blessed with a loving and supportive family and group of friends. I graduated from a great school and moved to the city I’d always dreamed of living in to pursue my passion in magazine journalism. And throughout all of my life experiences, starting from the ripe age of about 12, I exercised—religiously. Before high school, I’d even wake up around 5:30 a.m. to run five miles with my mom and made it through a full softball practice in the same day. Working out kept me sane, it made me more motivated, and it gave me a greater appreciation of life.

But when I moved to the Big Apple after college, and found myself in a grueling unpaid internship—with an hour-long commute each way!—exercising fell to the wayside. I started feeling sluggish, less put-together and, well, exhausted. It wasn’t until about three years later when I got my first comfortably paid full-time job that I had the energy to restart my exercise engine. And, thankfully, I chose ClassPass to get me back in the zone.

One year and 170 classes later, my body has definitely changed. I’m stronger. I’m more toned. But maybe more importantly, I am a changed person… and well, a happier person. Here’s how working out with ClassPass has changed my perspective and day-to-day life in 2015:

It made me more confident.
During the time I wasn’t exercising, nothing fit me right. I hated the way my arms looked and how tight shirts felt. The feeling I felt just being in my body after months and months of such limited physical activity got my spirits down. Thankfully, after a few months of consistent classes, everything changed. My arms looked amazing in those sleeveless shirts, and I loved how tight my tummy felt underneath my high-waisted jeans. Shopping became way too much fun and, while I certainly don’t have the budget for all of the clothes I actually wanted to buy, I felt like I could rock anything—and that’s way better than owning a giant wardrobe.

It made me stronger.
If you asked me to do 10 push-ups pre-ClassPass, you would have gotten five—maybe. I may have gotten the award for the sit-and-reach in high school (something I’m still bragging about), but arm strength? Not my thing. Fast forward three months into ClassPass and I’m hammering more than 20 push-ups and holding a plank for 60 seconds. What, what?!

And the thing is, I didn’t even have to become a CrossFitter or only go to high-intensity-interval-training classes to make it happen. I love cardio dance, running and yoga, and together, they’ve all helped me build muscle and endurance. 

It gave me more purpose.
Even though I used to wake up at the crack of dawn to go running with my mom, these days I love to sleep. All my friends know that I peel myself out of bed each morning (weekends included) and they also know (very well) not to talk to to me before 11 a.m.—seriously.

But once I got out of my workout rut, I started having way more energy. I wanted to get out of bed in the morning to start my day because I knew I exercised the day before and that my body would feel better as I got ready and headed out the door to work. I sat up straighter, I felt more motivated at my job. And after putting in a long day at the office, I had a class scheduled to take the edge off. (And I didn’t feel guilty about that post-workout glass of wine, either.)

It extended my social sphere.
Making friends is definitely a strong suit of mine, but after college it gets a little trickier to establish those real connections. After moving to New York from Boston, I had very few acquaintances, and I’d hardly call any “friends.” I attended as many networking events as possible and, thankfully, met a few people in my industry. We mingled away about our favorite magazine cover lines and story topics to write about, but when it came to our interests outside of work there was little to say.

Thanks to ClassPass and trying new studios, I have my go-to classes filled with most of the same people every week or so. I have my favorite instructors who know me much more than just by name. They know when I just came back from vacation or that on Mondays, it’s struggle city for me to get back into the rhythm. We follow each other on social media and motivate one another on personal and exercise goals. So, in addition to the friends I’ve thankfully made throughout my four years in New York, I’m definitely glad to also have my ClassPass squad.

It’s made my life so much richer.
Going into my ClassPass membership, I pretty much considered it to be like a gym—only I get to take classes scattered around the city. I thought I’d walk in the door, get my workout on and leave. And, while some of my classes are certainly structured this way, many of them are so much more than that.

It’s the relationships I’ve built with the studios, instructors and fellow ClassPassers who tell me about upcoming events, free workouts, random flash mobs in the middle of Union Square and where to find the new go-to healthy food place. One time I went to a fully functioning nightclub and got the chance to perform my favorite workout for the camera. How cool is that?

ClassPass has totally infiltrated my life in the best way possible, and it’s so much more to me than an exercise membership. It’s become a way of life, a life that is so much happier than before. 

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Jenn Sinrich is an editor in New York City, a self-proclaimed foodie always looking for the healthier version of all recipes, a passionate lover of all things cheese, a friendly New Yorker, Bostonian at heart and proud Red Sox fan. Love cats? Cheese? Mac n' Cheese? Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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