5 Best Excuses for Missing Class


Disclaimer: We totally love our customers — they are inspiring, motivating, and  work out ALL. THE. TIME.

But, sometimes, we get the craziest “dog-ate-my-homework” stories for why someone missed class or needs to late cancel. We thought we’d highlight a few of the most original reasons …

1. I’m Pregnant.

“I’m at the doctor and just found out I’m pregnant, so I need to cancel my class for tonight. You guys are actually the first people I’m telling — please keep it quiet until I talk to my husband!”

2. I have a rash…

“Please see the attached picture — I have a rash on my arm and neck. I don’t think the picture even makes it look as bad as it is!” [The picture was bad — really bad — omitted for your protection…]

3. I was at the studio — just three minutes late!

“I made it to the studio, but was just three minutes late (stupid crosstown bus!) and the door is now locked. Here is a picture with the timestamp of me outside of the studio.”

4. I’m juicing.

“I’m doing a juice cleanse, and just didn’t think I’d be this weak. There’s no way I could survive a class at The Fhitting Room right now…”

5. I’m too tired.

“I thought I could do three classes with the Unlimited Summer … I thought wrong. Sorry I missed my third class of the day…”

As a reminder, please make sure you are canceling classes in your ClassPass account at least 24 hours before the class start time… whenever possible, of course! When you are stuck in a pickle, just email [email protected] to make sure you are not charged a late cancel or missed class fee!