Monday Morning Catch-Up: Meditation and Heels

We know you were busy running, dancing, spinning, and brunch-ing this weekend, so here are a few worthy reads you may have missed…

Now that it’s getting dark so early, evening exercisers need to be careful. VeloJoy suggests a few fun products to keep cyclists safe after dark. We especially love the Octopus bike lights – so adorable! Not much of a night-rider? Try a high-energy indoor cycling class at FlyWheel - no safety gear required! [VeloJoy]

Those sky-high heels sure look good, but they’re not doing great things for your body. To ward off troubles like inflammation and tendonitis, it’s important to do a few simple exercises and stretches – particularly at the end of a long day. FitSugar shows us how to ease the pain. [FitSugar]

Meditation boasts a wealth of benefits, but did you know it can make you more empathetic and help your interpersonal relationships? Participants in a study took meditation classes, and their brain scans eight weeks later showed significant results. Try it for yourself – meditation courses are offered all over the city at studios like ISHTA Yoga and Dharma Yoga Center.  [HuffPost Healthy Living]

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is taking the fitness world by storm, promising to torch calories and build muscle through short, intense intervals. Well + Good NYC tells us all about the new craze, and why we need to try it ourselves. [Well + Good NYC]

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